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Mum Hits Back At Haters Who Criticised Her For Bleaching Five Year Old Daughter’s Hair

Mum Hits Back At Haters Who Criticised Her For Bleaching Five Year Old Daughter’s Hair


Influencer Demi Lucy May Engemann shared a video documenting how she allowed her five year old daughter to skip school and go get her hair bleached during a mother-daughter day recently. Her decision divided the internet with many calling her an irresponsible mother. Was she?

The Utah-based content creator, who describes herself as “CEO of cool moms” explained how her daughter Maude had asked to “bleach her hair so she could put pink in it.”

The clip which has already been viewed more than 14.4 times divided people’s views with opinions ranging from praise to criticism. Some parents saw it as a cute bonding moment while others called out the mother for being reckless with her young daughter’s hair.

The TikToker also shared some before-and-after videos of Maude showing off her newly dyed hair. Not surprisingly, the video attracted hundreds of comments from people who weren’t happy with the mum’s decision. This prompted Demi Lucy to do a follow up video explaining her reasons behind the hairdresser visit. Here’s what she said:

“I’m honestly exhausted from commenting back to mom shamers and trolls in the comments. That’s never okay. You can disagree, that’s fine. But the minute that name calling starts or mom shaming starts based off one decision that you disagree with – that’s where I’m going to put an end to it. 

I wanted to give kind of a backstory of why she decided she wanted to bleach her hair. So she came home from school one day and told me that she had a friend who had purple in her hair, and she was just really excited. She’s super into unicorns right now and Barbies. And she said that she wanted to have a color in her hair. So we went to the store, and we got a temporary pink shampoo. We washed it in her hair, she was super excited but then after a couple days, she was like, “I can’t see it, it’s not showing up like my friend’s”.
I explained to her that the reason her friend’s were showing up so potent was because she had blonde hair. And that’s when she expressed to me that she
wanted to put blonde in her hair so that the color would show up better.

I ran it by her dad to make sure that he would be okay with that, because I know that it’s kind of a controversial decision. And he agreed that as long as we did it right, took her to a professional, and just did it properly, that that would be fine. So I scheduled our appointment, and it happens to be a week before our family pictures. So that’s why she doesn’t have the pink in her hair yet. So to those of you jumping to conclusions, saying oh, this was my decision, and that I wanted her to be blonde in my family photos, that simply is just not true.”


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“I would never put that on my daughter and make her feel like she needs to change anything about herself. That’s not the type of person I am. That’s not the
type of mom that I am. And I would never impose my will onto my daughter. And I know how sensitive those topics are as a woman, so I can understand where people are coming from, in feeling like if that were the reason that I was doing that, why that would be wrong. But that is simply an assumption. And that is not fair, because that is not what happened. Ultimately, I posted this video because it was such a special and fun bonding moment with my daughter. And it’s sad that the internet has to turn that into a negative in any way. There are so many kids that are neglected and so many damaged parent-child relationships. So to turn something like this into a negative is really sad. And if you’re a mom out here mom shaming, do better.”


@demilucymay_ Replying to @maddybaby_4 that transition tho 😮‍💨💓 #mommydaughter #momsoftiktok #hairtok #utah #thatgirl #thatgirlaesthetic #HausLabsFoundation ♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

What do you think?


@demilucymay_ Replying to @christinamariedaniels #greenscreen ♬ original sound – DemiLucyMay


Images: TikTok

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