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Parents Purchase Entire McDonald’s Playground For Daughter’s First Birthday Party

Parents Purchase Entire McDonald’s Playground For Daughter’s First Birthday Party


A couple have been slammed online for putting on a McDonald’s themed party for their one year old which included purchasing an entire playground for their backyard as well as serving up burgers and chips to their guests.

Wanting to recreate the good old McDonald’s parties we had as kids back in the day one Melbourne couple decided to revive them for daughter’s first birthday—complete with an original Maccas playground.

“We had a McDonald’s party…” mum Maggie wrote alongside the TikTok video which has since been viewed over 1.3 million times. The Bacchus Marsh couple say they hired an inflatable slide, ball pit, slushie machine and set up a play area for the infants.

The cherry on top though was the purchase of an original McDonald’s playground from Ebay for $5000. Unfortunately it wasn’t assembled in time for the party but they definitely use it all the time now as it’s permanently set up in their backyard.

“We thought we’d go with the Macca’s themed party because we had just brought the old Mcdonald’s playground for Murphy’s first birthday present and remembered how much fun we used to have at Macca’s parties when we were kids,” Maggie said. “We couldn’t believe our luck in finding the playground so cheap.”


@tattoomaggie It was fun 🍟🍔 #parentsoftiktok #party #mcdonalds ♬ Ba da ba ba ba (Macca’s X DJ Paris Lawrence) – DJ Paris Lawrence

While many praised the parents for the super cool birthday party others trolled the couple saying they were totally spoiling their kids. One person was concerned about the cleanliness of the equipment so the parents uploaded another video to TikTok explaining how it gets cleaned and disinfected all the time.

@tattoomaggie Replying to @Aurora clean as a whistle #playground #fyp #germs ♬ Car Wash – Graham Blvd

Others questioned why they would go to that much effort for a first birthday, while some just called Maggie a “bad parent”.

“She is just one and she not going to remember that party,” one person said.

“By all means do what you want, but I think a huge party like this is more appropriate for five-year-olds since a one-year-old can’t fully enjoy it as much,” another added.

“You prob wasted so much food you could have given it to poor people or homeless people,” one person wrote.

“Wow, what a bad parent already,” someone else stated.

Whatever your opinion may be, Maggie says that three years on the playground is a permanent fixture in their backyard and their kids as well the neighbour’s all love it. The Maccas playground now has an added Simpsons statue and inflatable water obstacle course. There are also lounges, bar seats and day beds for the parents to enjoy while the kids play. She says their house is always busy with friends and family and they just love to entertain.

“We enjoy being around people and getting the kids to socialise after being in lockdown for so long,” Maggie says.

Images: TikTok


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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