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7 Essential Sleep Tips for New Parents

Being a new parent is a rewarding experience, however, sleep deprivation is often an unfortunate side effect of this. While many people may not see sleep deprivation as something to worry about, it can have a detrimental effect on your overall health and cognitive function. With that in mind, we have compiled seven tips on how to get a better night’s sleep to benefit both you and your baby.

To help new parents Emma Merritt, Sleep Science Manager for leading sleep brand Emma, shares her expert tips:

  1. Take Turns

By working together with your partner in taking turns to care for your baby during the night, you can give yourself some time to catch up on much needed sleep. One of you could take care of the baby while the other sleeps before swapping over and alternating, which can ensure that both you and your partner are able to get a good night’s sleep without distractions or having to worry about taking care of your child.

  1. Adjust Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Establishing a routine with your baby’s sleeping patterns can help them to adjust to waking up at a specific time. It’s important to be strict with this, as sleeping too much during the day can cause their nighttime sleep to be interrupted, and therefore yours as well. If you feel as though your baby has had adequate sleep, you should wake them up to avoid them oversleeping or ruining their night sleep. This can also help you to get a better sleep too.

  1. Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Sleeping at the same time as your baby allows for you to get a more restful sleep, as you know your baby won’t need anything from you at that current moment. You can leave all your tasks behind for the moment and just concentrate on catching up on all important sleep.

  1. Practise Yoga or Meditation

Yoga and meditation are both great at inducing relaxation and sleepiness, so if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep, try one of these practices to relax your body and help you to drift off. They are both also great for mindfulness and improving mental health, as well as promoting the release of endorphins.

Meditation can help to reduce stress and keep calm, which can also affect your baby. If they sense you are stressed or tired, they can feel negative effects like disturbed sleep. Maintaining a meditation and yoga routine can benefit you and your baby in the long run and help you both to sleep better.

  1. Prioritise Yourself

If you’re a single mum, or you feel overwhelmed, asking family members and friends to take care of your baby while you nap or to help with feeding can be useful (where possible of course, I acknowledge not everyone is able to do this). This will help you let go of any stress or worry and just allow you to take care of and prioritise yourself in the meantime. Catching up on sleep means you’ll feel more energised and able to take care of your baby more efficiently than when you’re sleep deprived.

  1. Establish a Strict Routine

Having a routine that works for you can help you to get into a rhythm and make you feel more in control. Having a newborn can throw routines off a little, but sticking with it can eventually be effective and get rid of any disarray in your life. Putting your baby down for a nap at the same time everyday and napping during those times, as well as setting alternating shifts for the same time everyday can help to regulate your sleep pattern and daily routine.

  1. Maintain Your Sleep Health

It’s important to do everything you can to regulate and improve your sleep-wake cycle and sleep quality. This can involve cutting your caffeine intake, as well as your screen time considerably before sleeping.

Opting for a book instead of checking Instagram before you sleep can help your sleep quality considerably. Be prepared to be woken up early by your baby, though, and plan to have the lights off and your eyes closed with enough time to catch a good few hours of sleep.

Adults and children have different sleeping patterns and needs, however certain sleep remedies usually work for everyone. There are many things that can benefit both your and your baby’s sleep, for example singing your baby to sleep can not only have a calming effect on your baby, but also on you too. You may also want to purchase tools or sleep products like white noise machines, which can also help to calm your baby and yourself.

Lastly, if you are looking to purchase some new items that may help your sleeping quality, or are looking for a gift for sleep deprived parents take a look at our range that includes mattresses and pillows, to sleeping accessories.

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