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Bitzee Review: The New 3D Interactive Digital Pet

It’s impossible to have lived through the 90’s without knowing someone who was obsessed with keeping their hand-held digital pet alive and happy! Kids were obsessed with them, and if you didn’t own one yourself, odds are you wished you did! Now you can relive this childhood fascination with Spin Masters’ innovative spin on virtual pet care. Bitzee have just hit Australian toy stores, and promise to take playtime to new heights by bringing virtual pets to life in the 3D world.

“Spin Masters a reputation of delivering unique innovation and disrupting play patterns, transforming the way kid splay and interact with toys. Bitzee epitomises our obsession with pushing the boundaries of-lay, introducing adorable digital pet collectibles that kids can really interact with, reimagining a once two-dimensional interaction and infusing it with colour, gamification and collectibility.”

(Geoff Oliver, marketing director for Spin Master)

Inside the purple pod are 15 Bitzee toy pets to collect, starting with a cute little puppy.  Each Bitzee evolves from a baby, to an adult, to a super Bitzee. To help Bitzee characters grow, children are encouraged to pet them play with them, feed them and put them to sleep. Unlike the original 2D counterparts of our youth however, nothing untoward will happen to your Bitzee if you forget to play with it for a couple of days. Instead, pets who are not shown enough love may run away, but can be tempted back with the promise of a treat and some extra attention. When their love meter is full they are ready to evolve to the next level.

Once pets have reached super Bitzee status a special outfit in unlocked along with a unique game to play, such as Mouse Chef’s catch the falling ingredients or Unicorn Party Animal’s break the piñata game. They even give you a virtual treat to help you attract your next pet.

We were gifted a Bitzee 3d interactive digital pet for the purpose of providing an honest review. All thought and opinions expressed here and my own.

Things We Love About Bitzee Digital Pet

  • Each Bitzee comes with 3 AA batteries installed, so it is ready for play straight from the packaging, which is always a bonus!
  • For little pet owners who are too excited or too young to read the instructions before they start to play, the toy starts off with a short introduction on how to perform the functions. For example children will be directed to rock the purple pod from side to side to rock their pet to sleep, or pat them on the head to show them affection. The actions needed to interact with pets are simple and fairly intuitive, making the toy suitable for children 5 years and over.
  • Taking care of pets involves everything you’d expect – feeding, exercising, playing, even cleaning up their poo!
  • The vibrant 8-bit graphics are super cute, as are the sound effects. Although the toy does use flashing lights so it may not be suitable for children or adults who are sensitive to strobe lighting.
  • Each pet offers kids a new way to play, keeping this toy interesting and fun well past the initial novelty period.
  • Bitzee is small and portable enough to be an on-the-go toy.

Where to Find Bitzee

Bitzee will be available in Australia at all major toy retailers from mid-July 2023 or buy online. But get in quick, they are sure to be this years BIG HIT!

Recommend for children 5 years and over.


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to pay the running costs for our website and the wages of our work-from-home writers, who are parents, just like you.


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