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Entitled Woman Yells at Man for Using the Urinals in the Mens’ Toilets at a Concert

One man has been left baffled after a run in with a woman as he left the men’s toilets at a concert he attended with his girlfriend. According to the man, since the concert was mainly attended by women, and the ladies’ toilets were crowded, women were also using the mens’ toilets. However, despite him waiting in the queue for his turn, one woman took umbrage with the fact that he used the urinals instead of waiting for a cubicle to become available to him. In fact, she publicly branded him a pervert and to make matters worse his girlfriend also agreed that he’s done the wrong thing!

I went to a big concert last week. It was mostly attended by women but I agreed to go at my GF’s insistance. I had to go for a leak halfway through the concert. There was a line of women entering the men’s toilets as the women’s toilets were crowded

I waited in line and eventually got in. I was the only male in the toilets. I headed towards the urinals, zipped down my fly, and took a leak. As I got out and met my GF, a random lady came up to me and went off on how I’m a pervert and a sex pest for exposing myself to women. She said that I should’ve waited for a cubicle to open and that it’s a shame what I did wasn’t technically illegal.

I did not pull down my pants and underwear while taking a leak, I just opened my fly, which was pointed away from everyone’s view. There was no-one at my periphery.

My GF asked me if I was bursting at the time. I told her that I could’ve waited a minute or so for a cubicle to free up. She then said that while she’d never break up with me over such mundane things, this has caused her to change the way she looks at me, in terms of how considerate and thoughtful I am, and that I should’ve waited for a cubicle to free up.

Thankfully, people in the comments section had far more sense and pointed out that he was in  the MENS’ toilets, using the MENS’ urinals, exactly as they were intended, and it was the women who technically shouldn’t have been there.

Woman here. The unwritten and widely understood rule is if you use the men’s, men may be peeing in the urinals. No excuse for them to be getting upset about it. Queue for the women’s if it bothers them. 

Calling you a perv for using the facilities is bang out of order. Quite honestly, fuck your GFs opinion and little speech about how she sees you. Red flag my dude. I’d reconsider how you feel about her following that interaction. (Jerico_Hill)


NTA. Your gf and that woman are the assholes. The urinals are there for men to pee in and that’s what you did. You did nothing wrong. If women don’t like it, then they shouldn’t use the men’s bathroom. If anyone was being inconsiderate here its the women using the wrong bathroom. I’d rethink your relationship if just going for pee in the mens bathroom makes her think differently of you. She and that woman are fucking ridiculous. (winterworld561)



women have always used the men’s at music festivals – the ones I went to anyway – the women would use the cubicles and the men would use the urinals

it was never an issue and that random woman should either STFU or go into the womens. (3_wheeler_of_doom)

Others pointed out that unless she had been peering over his shoulder it would have been impossible for her to see anything, so her claims were entirely ridiculous.

But the thing is, there’s nothing to gawk at. She would have had to literally walk up to the line of urinals (none which she could use) and look on as the men did their business. This crazy lady was upset at the sight of men’s backs to her and making much ado about nothing. (GibsonGirl55)

What is there to be upset about with regards to men peeing in urinals?

The only way you could possibly see a man’s penis at a urinal is if you went and stood right beside him, and there were no divider walls, and then looked down and to the side.

If you’re a woman walking past urinals, all you’re going to see is the backs of clothed men staring at the wall. What’s the problem?? (YoureNotAloneFFIX)

People were surprised that the woman felt entitled to use the mens’ toilet rather than appreciative that he didn’t mind sharing a toilet that was meant for him, not her.

Personally, as a woman who has used this option at concerts in a real urgent situation, I was so thankful the guys were cool about it. Because it is THEIR SPACE. Women aren’t entitled to it based off gender stereotypes for society. If someone were to say “hey! No girls in here.” I would 100% respect that and leave. It’s called common courtesy, and the dudes are doing us a favor. That woman saying those ridiculous things gives us all a bad name who appreciate it! (GlitzyGhoul)

As one commenters pointed out, he needn’t have even queued to get to the urinal. He had every right to skip to the front to use the urinals.

NTA. I wouldn’t have queued up with women for the men’s room. I’m skipping that queue and walking in. And then peeing in the urinal. (The_Ghost_Reborn)

What do you think? Was he entitled to use the urinal or should he have waited for a cubicle to become available?

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