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Husband Throws Hissy Fit After Wife Admits To Using Tampons

Husband Throws Hissy Fit After Wife Admits To Using Tampons


“He never truly gave a reason other than just saying…he doesn’t feel comfortable with me using them.”

A woman was shocked to learn her husband had thrown out all her tampons because he didn’t feel comfortable with her using them. Yes, you read that correctly! He threw an absolute hissy fit after discovering she had ditched the pads to start using tampons. Somehow this messed with his masculinity so he threw them away. The whole unopened box. And she discovered she had no tampons when she needed them most…unbelievable!!

Writing into Reddit she explained her predicament:

We (Me 27, him 30) together for 3, married for 2 months.

So here’s a thing, I used to use pads for my periods but recently was able to start using tampons (I have medical problems) in comparison, Tampons work 10x better for me, especially when I’m outside…say like at work or traveling. My husband Ryan hates them, he never truely gave a reason other than just say…he doesn’t feel comfortable with me using them . I didn’t think it was a big deal at first since he said he hates a lot of stuff that I do but “puts up” with it anyway except for this. He asked that I go back to using pads but I made it clear since it’s my body then I get to decide.

He threw away some tampons he had access to, and I was getting upset but*!!!!* to keep the peace, I just bought a box and hid it away from him. he somehow found it and threw it away. I didn’t find that out til I had my period yesterday and realized I had no tampons to use. I was tired, and too stressed I just yelled at him after he admitted to throwing away the whole box. He argued that I already knew how he felt about this stuff and yet I decided to still keep it around. I lost it and told him he had no right to do this and told him to get over himself already. He stared at me almost about to tear up or something, then walked out.

He later went on about how we, as a couple should take each other’s discomfert into consuderation and said he already tried to speak to me about those tampons yet I brushed him off and insulted him and verbally abused him. He also said that if I still insist on using them then I should do it while I’m outside the house but I said that it won’t happen. I feel bad for how it played out but I was just at my wit’s end and in so much pain I lashed out.

Did I go too far here? Does he have a valid point or not?

Asking if she’s the ‘Asshole’ the poor woman was left wondering if SHE was being too harsh on her husband. The post received over 24,000 upvotes with commenters siding with the woman saying the husband sounds like an absolute tool. I mean it’s crystal clear this moron is either grossed out by tampons or equates them to ‘sex toys’ thus thinking his wife somehow gets pleasure from using them. OMG! I have no words. I just wish he was able to feel what inserting a tampon is like. Moron!

The majority of commenters supported the wife and like me, were confused about why the husband even had an issue with her using tampons in the first place.

“Uh… what the fuck. Not the asshole at all. I can’t fathom what on Earth he could be thinking. Based on how he’s talking about them, does he think you’re smuggling cocaine in them or something?”

– u/zelda-hime

“Not the asshole. Wtf did I just read? I don’t understand why he cares if you use tampons.”

– u/FaceTheJury

“Hundred bucks says he’s one of those people that thinks that A) using sex toys is like cheating because nothing other than his penis should be penetrating his partner and B) tampons somehow provide sexual stimulation and are thus like sex toys.”


“It honestly sounds like more of a style of patriarchy where NOTHING is going to be inside his wife except for HIM. Nope, not even a tampon.”

– Anonymous

“What other things does he put up with? Are all the issues related to your self-autonomy?”

– u/Huntress_of_the_Moon

“You said he doesn’t like/is annoyed by a lot of things you do? Oh honey… That just sounds like the beginning of a very very dark path for you. Do you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around him? That type of situation only intensifies with time, as he feels more entitled to control you the longer you put up with him.”

– u/Ihaveapeach 

The worst and scariest part of this whole exchange is the red flags it raises about their marriage. Especially when it comes to making decisions about her own body, as well as his apparent need for control. What do you think?

Images: Pixabay

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