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Man Asks For New Bedsheets After Partner Bleeds On Them

Man Asks For New Bedsheets After Partner Bleeds On Them


A man has demanded his partner pay for new sheets after bleeding on them while on her period. Yes, we’re serious. Do you think his demands were unfair?

The man posted on RedditAITA for getting angry with my girlfriend and demanding she pay to replace my sheets after she got blood on them describing the conversation between him and his girlfriend.

“I (M26) have been dating my girlfriend (F24) for about a year now, and we recently moved in together,” he wrote, explaining he likes things to be in order. “I am a bit of a neat freak, and she generally is too, so we get along pretty well living together.”

“Now I’m not one of those guys that gets grossed out over a woman having her menstrual cycle,” he says.

“I’ve had sex with my girlfriend on lighter days with a towel down. I’ll go buy her feminine products. I don’t get weirded out if she mentions it. I will say though, it totally grosses me out getting on my bed though.”

So strangely, blood on his penis is ok but not on the sheets?!

“I noticed a blood spot on the bed and got totally grossed out,” he said.

“I knew she had been on her period for three days already so it wasn’t any sort of surprise accident. I asked how it happened and she was upset and said she thought she didn’t need to sleep with anything on.”

“I told my partner it was unhygenic to bleed on my bed sheets and told her that was irresponsible and that she needed to pay me for new sheets. She agreed to pay for new sheets but got upset with me for getting angry and calling her irresponsible.”

The girlfriend went on to explain that she thought her period had finished which is why she wasn’t wearing anything to bed.

“She says I have no reason to be angry to talk down to her over something I don’t experience. I said that she should’ve been more careful with where we sleep and that it was unhygienic. To everyone saying to just wash the sheets, she did, but I just don’t like the thought of it.”

Reddit commenters were NOT amused by his behaviour and were quick to tell him so.

“Lol, ‘I’m fine with blood on my dick when I’m having sex, but I don’t know how to wash sheets’,” one person joked.

“He should buy himself a new dick if he’s so grossed out at the thought that menstrual blood once touched his sheets and even if they’re cleaned it’s still gross,” said another.

“A little peroxide on the blood stain, throw it in the wash, and it’s good as new. You don’t sound mature enough to handle living with a woman if you act like this\,” one offered.

“As a woman, I would have packed my bags and left in that moment because you are clearly not mature enough to be with a woman or maybe you need to educate yourself a bit better,” one woman said.

“I’ve got blood on the bed before and my boyfriend has never batted an eyelid. I actually cannot believe what I just read.”

After reading the backlash on his post, the man finally admitted that perhaps he was too harsh on her predicament saying, “I was a prick for being condescending towards her and not being sensitive to her embarrassment. told her I obviously just have a weird phobia with it I need to work through. I did ask her to wear products every night until she knows it’s gone, and she called me ignorant, and had no right to suggest how she handles her period.”

Unfortunately the apology wasn’t enough and the girlfriend moved back in with her mother.

Images: Pixabay


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