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Man Insists That His Pregnant Wife Name Their Baby After His Deceased Wife and Daughter

Man Insists That His Pregnant Wife Name Their Baby After His Deceased Wife and Daughter

When it comes to naming our children, most couples tend to go with the tried and true two yeses and one no rule. That is, both parents have to agree to the name and one “no” is a swift and effective veto.

But not all people think this way, as a woman has explained to the internet that her husband has decided to name their as-yet-unborn infant after his late wife and daughter whether she likes it or not.

Sharing her predicament in a thread on Reddit, the woman explained that she is her husband’s second wife and that nine years ago his first wife Isabel was heavily pregnant when both she and the baby tragically passed away following in a car accident. The couple had planned to name their daughter Rose.

“Obviously this was very traumatic and he had to go to therapy for a long time to recover,” she writes. “He still talks about Isabel sometimes and has pictures of her in the house.”

Now five months pregnant with a baby girl, the couple have been having baby name conversations. All was going well until her husband announced that he “finally knew” what their daughter’s name would be — Isabel Rose.

“I was taken aback for obvious reasons and asked him why. He looked at me weird and said that it was to honour his late wife and daughter.

“I told him I wasn’t comfortable naming our child Isabel Rose since it would feel like we were trying to replace them. He kept trying to convince me and said that it would be like his late family could live again through our daughter, but I just want our daughter to be her own person and to not feel like she’s growing up in the shadow of two deceased people.”

This right here! A baby isn’t born with a job. She’s her own person, not a memorial for loved ones passed. But this man wasn’t seeing it that way.

“He got mad and accused me of trying to force him to act like Isabel and Rose never existed. I said that wasn’t true and that we would still talk about them and remember them with our daughter, but he said the best way to remember them would be to name our daughter after them.

“Finally he called me disrespectful of the dead and that he wasn’t going to change his mind. He went to our room and hasn’t come out.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the poor mum-to-be began receiving Facebook messages from Isabel’s family pressuring her to go along with naming her daughter after her “because they want another way to memorialize her.”

This is all so unsettling. Isabel’s family have no skin in this game anymore and has no right to beg for anything.

As for the husband, who is clearly going through a lot of trauma triggered by his second wife’s pregnancy, we can only suggest one thing. Therapy, and lots of it.



Source: Giphy and Reddit/Am I The Asshole

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Jill Slater

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