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Mum Explains What The ‘Bag Of No’ Is And Why Her Kids Still Love Receiving One On Their Birthday

Mum Explains What The ‘Bag Of No’ Is And Why Her Kids Still Love Receiving One On Their Birthday

One mum has come up with a genius birthday gift called the Bag Of No, which has become a much loved tradition in her household. In fact, it’s such a brilliant concept that we think we’ll start an adult version too!

Jenny Cimato first shared her birthday gift idea which she calls “The Bag of No” to TikTok. “Hey TikTok, I thought I’d explain a birthday tradition we have in our family called the bag of ‘no’,” she said in the clip.

“It started when my daughter was really young and she was asking for things in the checkout line at the grocery store.”

So instead of buying the items then and there, she went back and purchased them all for her daughter’s birthday instead.

“I’d go and I’d get all those items that she would ask for, that I would normally say ‘no’ to and I’d put them in a bag for her birthday,” she explained.

“We call it the bag of no and it just turned into fun where she knew that I’d say no in the moment, but she knew she’d eventually get it for her birthday and you know it kind of took that sting away from when you say no in the grocery store when they’re little.”

In the bag are items such as lollies, bouncy balls and random junk your kid asks for and you walks end up saying NO. The mum says that even though her eldest is turning 16 this year, she still expects the bag as a gift. “The bag of no is still coming, right,”she asked.

The video has been viewed more than 49,000 times so far and has attracted almost 6000 likes, Jenny said, “It’s just been a real fun tradition.”


@jencimatoBirthday Tradition :). The Bag of ‘No’. #ItsOurHome #foryoupage #birthday #happybirthday #nope♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod


Commenters loved the idea of a No Bag and say they will definitely be using it with their kids too.

“Such a great idea and tradition!” wrote one person while another said, “I just love this idea! Thanks for sharing!”

“I’m constantly saying ‘maybe next time’,” commented another, “maybe I’ll start a ‘bag of maybe next time’. She turns four in three days!”

“Let’s hope she doesn’t ask for a car,” said another.

Οne parent said she already does something like this for Christmas with her kids.”I put these ‘no’ items in their stockings because they knew I would never buy them for them but Santa would! They are all teens and I still do this!”

What a terrific idea!


Images: TikTok/jencimato


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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