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Mum Is Furious At SIL For Getting Her Kid’s Names Tattooed Without Asking Permission!

Mum Is Furious At SIL For Getting Her Kid’s Names Tattooed Without Asking Permission!


Getting a tattoo of someone’s name on your body is a deeply personal way of showing your respect and love. After all, their name is permanently inked on your skin so you want to make sure it’s okay with everyone involved. One mum was left feeling miffed that her SIL went and got her kid’s names tattooed on her without asking for permission first. Question is, did she even need permission?

According to the mum, her sister in law doesn’t have a close relationship with her nieces and nephews anyway and hardly seems them. So why would she go and get their names tattooed on her body, is the question she wants answered.



Writing into discussion forum Reddit, she says neither her or her husband were asked about the tattoo. The first time they saw it was when she posted a picture of the finished result on Instagram.

“She is not a close beloved aunt of my children — they see her once a year and talk to her briefly on holidays,” the mum wrote. “They never talk about her or ask about her between those times. They like her well enough, but she likes to lecture them and attempt to parent them, so a little of her goes a long way.”

Instead of writing something nice on her social media post, the mum says, “I have nothing nice to say.”

“Instead of the cost of a tattoo (this tattoo is huge [by the way]), how about a plane ticket to visit the children you claim to love so much?” she wrote. “She talks about my children taking care of her when she’s in a nursing home… why would they? They will be busy with their own families, and taking care of their parents!”

In retaliation, the mum says she told her husband to cancel their upcoming vacation to visit her SIL and her husband’s parents. “I have been taking my anger out on him, which is probably unfair but I feel his lack of communication with them leads to this kind of crazy,” she added. “Am I supposed to feel flattered? I feel like if anyone is going to tattoo my kids’ names on their body is should be me or my husband!”

Some commenters on Reddit said they too found it kind of strange that she wouldn’t ask for permission before getting inked.

“The tattooing is weird,” one commenter wrote. “Going limited or no contact with the offender makes sense to establish boundaries.”

“That’s some strange social media attention whoring.”

“I have to wonder if the tattoo is real,” someone else wrote. “She seems like the kind of person to fake a tattoo for attention on social media.”

While others thought the mum reacted harshly and said the “payback went too far.”

“Stopping them from seeing their grandparents? What did they even do?” one commenter asked her. “That seems like a severe overreaction; it’s a tattoo of a name. It doesn’t even affect her.”

“The only one really hurting someone with intent is OP for taking it out on her husband and punishing her own kids by not letting them see their family,” another commenter added. “She hasn’t once asked how anyone but her seems to feel about it. There’s nothing wrong at all with her feeling weirded out by it, because it is weird, but I don’t understand why she’s getting so angry at it.”

In an updated post, the mum says she felt like she did the right thing by not going to visit her SIL and described the vent as “cathartic.”

“I feel like I released steam and got validation from people who recognized the narcissistic nature of the tattoo and I’ve also calmed down,” she wrote. “Most of the people calling me out are assuming things that aren’t true and that’s ok.”

While she agrees her SIL has a right to do whatever she wanted to with her body, she also “feels I have a right to be mad and think it’s weird. I’m still annoyed by the narcissism of it, but feel sad for her because she doesn’t have her own kids and maybe she never will. It’s too bad she doesn’t choose to get to know my kids for real, and generate a real relationship with them.”

Images: Pixabay

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