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New Dad Asks to Move Back Home With His Parents So He Can Get a “Proper Night’s Sleep”

New Dad Asks to Move Back Home With His Parents So He Can Get a “Proper Night’s Sleep”

Where did my favourite eye roll gif go?

Ahh, there it is.

As the title suggests, a father of a newborn child has asked his mummy and daddy if he can move back in with them so he can go night nights without being interrupted by the human baby that he helped create.

Not every night, mind you. That would be silly.

No, just five nights a week. 🙄

The man’s mother shared a post on UK forum Mumsnet asking how she should respond to her son’s disgraceful request.

How would I respond?

Three words.

The nanna’s post was met with various viewpoints, none of them favourable.

“I think I’d be giving him a very sharp talking to about being a parent and not thinking it was acceptable to leave it all to his girlfriend. Silly, selfish boy,” wrote boardie MrsTimRiggins.

“Don’t even entertain him. He shouldn’t be leaving his partner at home alone with a new baby to go and sleep at his parent’s house, that’s shameful. Old enough to have a family but wants to sleep at your house? Absolutely ridiculous. You can be supportive by telling him to stay at home with his partner and baby,” added yonce.

“If I were you I would be feeling really embarrassed that I’d raised such a pathetic ‘man’,” snapped Pinkflipflop85.

Look, parenting a newborn is tough. Those first weeks are a mixture of sleep deprivation, milky spit-ups and neverending snuggles. Laundry piles up. Dishes sit in the sink for days. Pyjamas are worn almost exclusively. It’s hard.

But you do it together. You don’t abandon your partner to deal with it because you have a Very Important job to go to the next day.

At least this young dad has a father who is likely to tell him the hard truth.


Source: Giphy and Mumsnet

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Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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