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These Disastrous Wedding Cakes Are Being Absolutely Roasted on Social Media and We Can See Why!

These Disastrous Wedding Cakes Are Being Absolutely Roasted on Social Media and We Can See Why!

One of the loveliest details on a couple’s wedding day is the cake. Large, multi-tiered and intricately embellished or naked and tastefully decorated, the cake is the centrepiece of the reception. Besides the happy couple, of course!

Sometimes, though, they can turn up leaving a lot to be desired. Unfortunately by that stage, it’s far too late to do much about it other than smile and perhaps avoid taking photographs of the cake cutting.

Recently, three separate wedding cakes have surfaced on social media that are in competition with each other to be the most horrid-looking cake we’ve seen in a long time.

First, we have the weird purple mouldy-looking wedding cake that resembled play dough.

On a review website, the bride wrote alongside the cake: “We custom ordered two of these little guys for our wedding cake toppers, and they were absolutely perfect!”

Perfect they may be, but is anyone going to own up to having dropped the cake on the way to the venue? And who was responsible for removing the dodgy piece of cardboard that the lovely little foxes are sitting on?

After the photo was shared in Facebook’s That’s it I’m Wedding Shaming group, people were understandably confused by the cake that looked ‘stepped on’.

“This cake has seen things,” one wrote, with another adding, “I’ve never wanted cake LESS’.

“Ma’am. Wait a min…we ain’t just gonna skip over this mouldy ass, fucked up ass cake for the toppers on cardboard. We ain’t about to do that. Come back and explain yourself,” a member hilariously commented.

“This is dried Play-Doh. You can’t convince me it’s not,” another added.

Next, we have the cake that looked like someone had an accident on it.

In the same Facebook group, another member shared the image of another wedding cake with cracked icing, only this one was covered in a chocolate ganache “drizzle” and two slightly oversized deck chairs.

“A friend’s relative got married…this is their cake,” they captioned the pic.

“This literally looks like they’d had diarrhoea and this was the result when they got up,” one repulsed group member wrote.

“Hey, remember when we got the shits sitting by the lake? Yeah, good times, let’s put that on our wedding cake,” another added.

Not to be outdone, a third contender appeared in the form of mashed potatoes.

The two-tiered cake looks to have been decorated with buttercream frosting and appears to have deformed somehow during the car ride to the venue.

“You know how when something has been in a smoker’s house, it has a vaguely yellow dirty colour to it? Yeah. Would not be eating that,” quipped one disgusted commenter.

“I’m horrified both the bride and the baker thought this was ‘okay’. It looks like mashed potatoes on a lumpy paper-mâché cake,” another wrote.

“Ummm…who orders a cake that looks like it was covered in dryer lint?” one asked.

So dear reader, which of the three do you declare the worst of the bunch? And do you think they tasted better than they looked? For the couple’s sake, we certainly hope so!


Source: Facebook/That’s it I’m wedding shaming

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Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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