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Why Skincare Sales Boom During A Pandemic

Why Skincare Sales Boom During A Pandemic


According to statistics, Australians have saved more money this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. With the ban on travelling and the lockdown resulting in stores and restaurants being closed for months on end, most of us were left with more mula in the bank than usual. I say ‘most of us’ because if you’re a skincare junkie like me chances are your bathroom cabinet during lockdown was overflowing with lotions and potions.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why we splurged on skincare. It’s not like we could spend hours shopping for shoes, or bags or new winter coats. And even if we could, where would we wear them? No-one was going anywhere anyway. Sales of pyjamas and tracksuits went through the roof, as we became better acquainted with the couch and the inside of our fridges.

Which is exactly why skincare sales sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Websites such as Adore Beauty and Skinmart saw an increase in revenue as we all had more time on our hands to try out new serums and face masks.

Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris says her company has never been busier and attributes the soaring sales to the tough lockdown measures Melburnians have had to endure.

Kate Morris image courtesy of Female Leaders

“I think it has definitely been more challenging the second time around for everyone affected and it docent help that the second time has been during a Melbourne winter,” Morris said in a Financial Review article recently.

With many people being forced to work from home many saw it as an opportunity to try out new products.

“Customers are looking for feel-good purchases,” she said.”They’re looking after themselves, focusing on skincare treatments like facial masks and exfoliators.”

Working from home meant we had less need to wear make up. It was the perfect opportunity to let our skin breathe and better absorb our new serums. Whatever your skin concern, lockdown meant you had along stretch of time to trial new products. Whether it was a new pigmentation fading creme or vitamin C serum. most of us at least bought on new product.

Some of us purchased new items such as an LED face mask, gua sha tools and even digestible Collagen. Many friends said they worked on improving skin concerns such as fading pigmentation, or smoothing out fine lines. A lot of brightening creams were purchased as well hydrating masks. It seems with more time on our hands we were more experimental than usual.

For me personally, I definitely became better acquainted with my parcel delivery guy. I bought a few new products as well as stocking up on some old favourites.


I first discovered this brightening eye cream in Greece years ago but unfortunately they’ve stopped making it. I did find a few sellers online that still had some in stock so I bought them all up – I love it that much!


I’ve been using tan water for years as I find it helps maintain that summer glow. I no longer tan my face but definitely love the sun kissed look. This product has no nasties, doesn’t streak, doesn’t smell and will not leave you looking like a ‘sore loser.’



While I didn’t succumb to buying the LED face mask, a good friend of mine did and she loves it! It works to reduce facial redness & breakouts with LED Light Therapy. She actually saw results quite quickly and noticed her skin tone was much more even after just a couple of weeks,



This is a newbie for me and again I bought it after a friend recommended the brand. I’m looking to clear up some slight pigmentation I still have on my cheeks so I’m hoping this works. It leaves skin feeling slightly illuminated which is an instant win in my books!


This is a controversial product and one I suggest using with caution. Gone are the days where we didn’t know better and spent hours in the sun getting tanned. These days it’s all about healthy skin and fake tans. However I find my arms and legs could use a bit of help. This product is said to trigger melanin production with limited exposure to the sun. However- you must always use sunscreen on top as this has NO UV protection. But it does work!


I bought this during an online Chemist Warehouse sale and am so happy I did. It’s a perfect light sunscreen that doesn’t leave you with that white mask look and sunscreen smell most products have. Plus I adore any La Roche product. They have highly effective products at an amazing price point.


Being in lockdown meant doing my own hair which unfortunately left my curls looking worse for wear. For sure it was that box-dye my hairdresser warned me against. I always use a good protein shot like this one from MOOGOO to bring my curls back to life. Works every time and gentle enough for kids to use also.



This was another impulse purchase, I truly didn’t need another tube of this as they last so long. No joke, I think I’ve had my tube of BYE BYE for over a year now. It’s the smoothest concealer ever which doesn’t sit in the fine lines and can be used all over the face. I love it and will never swap it for anything else. Plus it comes is a million shades, just like skin colour!

The only product that I still have in my cart is this one: Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Serum. It’s supposed to be a game changer. A Super-antioxidant serum combining 15% Vit C and 1% Vit E with Ferulic Acid. Said to optimise protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays to help prevent premature signs of ageing, and stimulate collagen production. BUUUUUUT it’s $218!! So if anyone has used this and can vouch for it’s amazing-ness, pleeeeese drop me a comment. TY.

So there you have some of my lockdown beauty buys. If I had to explain why I love buying skincare so much I’d have to say it’s the ritual of applying products that I love so much. It’s such an intimate moment to be looking in the mirror so closely at yourself and just being focused on you for that short period of time. It’s a form of self care that has so many benefits IMO. And let’s be honest, feeling good is what we all craved during the pandemic lockdown. Do you agree? Did you find yourself spending more time and money on skincare?

And at the end of the day…why not! We bloody deserve it!


Images: Adore Beauty and Pixabay


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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