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Woman Lashes Out at Family Members on Mother’s Day for Not Honouring Her as a “Cat Mum”

Woman Lashes out at Family Members on Mother’s Day for Not Honouring Her as a “Cat Mum”

Mother’s Day can be a hard day for a lot of people. Whether they are reflecting on the loss of a parent, a child, or enduring infertility issues, it can be a difficult day to face. Combine those feelings of sadness with a day that celebrates mothers and families in general, and we can see how challenging it might be.

But the story of a woman who lashed out at her family for not recognising her role as a “cat mum” is something else entirely.

The woman’s brother described the bizarre situation on the subreddit Relationship Advice, seeking support and opinions after his older sister stormed out of a family lunch at a restaurant when she was not honoured as being a mother to four cats.

Known only as osleymoswald, the man writes:

My sister caused a scene at Mother’s Day brunch because we didn’t honor her as a “cat mom”

Hi guys. I am a man, 32M and I have two sisters – Carly (38F) and Melinda (26F). We went out to a family style restaurant for brunch and just returned home.

Melinda and I are happily married, each with three children. My older sister Carly never married. She had a fiancé that she cheated on and he left her. That was 10 years ago and she hasn’t been in a relationships longer a few months ever since. She has 4 indoor cats and also feeds a few stray cats that hand around her neighborhood.

My mom was very ecstatic because in the last year, my younger sister and I both gave her an additional grandchild. So she gave a speech.

In her speech, she thanked us all for coming and said some flowery lovey stuff and then thanked Melinda and my wife for both being excellent mothers to her beautiful grandchildren.

Upon hearing my mom praise my wife and my younger sister for being mothers, my sister Carly butt in rudely with a loud and irked “Achem!”

She then went on a diatribe about how she is a mom just like they are, and why don’t we ever wish her a happy Mother’s Day?

I explained calmly that she isn’t a mom at which point, she threw a fork at me and raised her voice in the restaurant “I am a fcking mom too you dmn a**holes! Just because I don’t have human babies doesn’t mean I’m not a f*cling mother too!”

My younger sister tried to calm her down but instead, Carly just poured her third glass of white wine into a nearby potted plant, spit at the plant (wtf I know right) and then stormed out.

We thought that we be the end of it, but now she has published a manifesto on her social media calling us small minded and disrespectful and went on to explain why she feels that she is a mother. Despite never getting pregnant and giving birth.

We have family and friends calling us on the phone since, asking what happened. I don’t know what to tell them other than maybe my sister is showing signs of a nervous breakdown?

I tried texting Carly to say “hi”, but my text came back green (which she has an iPhone so it’s usually blue). Does this mean she blocked me?

Anyways I would appreciate any help y’all could give here :/

Okay, there is a bit to unpack here.

Firstly, who in the world tips out wine into a pot plant? This behaviour is, quite frankly, absolutely shocking and beyond the realms of normality! I’m personally horrified that someone would mistreat this precious beverage in such a way.

Secondly, while her outburst is wildly inappropriate and her demands to be recognised as a “cat mum” on Mother’s Day are completely over the top, it can be easy to see where she is coming from.

Her family clearly loves and cherishes the grandchildren, as most families do. As the eldest sister, she has watched on as her younger siblings married and started families, knowing that she had her chance to make the same important life decisions that would take her on the same life path as her siblings, but had ruined that for herself by cheating on her fiance. Now she is facing the realities of her terrible choices and is taking it out on her family. Which is not okay. But the rawness of her tantrum is evidence of her unhappiness at not settling down and having a family of her own when she had the chance.

Still, it doesn’t excuse the fact that a 38-year-old woman threw a fork at her brother because she wasn’t honoured for being a “cat mum”.

That shit is wack.


Source: Reddit/Relationship Advice

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

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