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8 Reason Why We Think teddy Junior LUX is the Best Mattress for Kids

teddy junior LUX Mattress Review

Considering how much time children spend in their bed, it’s super important to find a mattress that will not only help them to get a restful night’s sleep but also support their development. However, recent research shows that many parents don’t really know what to look for when selecting a mattress for their child’s bed, and over half of Aussie kids complain about the mattress that they sleep on.

teddy – a family brand built on 2 decades of expertise and aimed at addressing parental concerns and redefining children’s sleep, have launched their teddy junior LUX mattress. The revolutionary design meticulously considers development patterns and has been tailored to improve overall quality of sleep and is suitable for children aged 2-18 years.

Our 2-year-old Mums Lounge reviewer, Fluff, recently made the transition from her cot to a ‘big kid’ bed, making her the perfect little one to trial the teddy junior LUX mattress. After a successful transition and six weeks of sleeping on her new mattress, mum Char has shared the 8 reasons why she thinks the teddy junior LUX may be the best mattress for kids.

Safe Against Harmful Substances

You may be shocked to know that most polyurethane mattresses and other foam mattresses contain chemicals such as propylene oxide, TDI, toluene, and toxic flame retardants which are released into our home and can cause harm to our health over time.

In contrast, the teddy junior LUX NATUREFLEX  memory foam is made from bamboo charcoal, a type of activated carbon that is developed form bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable plant. The beauty of NATURFLEX  foam is that it helps to eliminate odours, absorbs excess moisture, regulates temperature, and contours to your child’s body to offer the best comfort and support. Most importantly, this latest sleep innovation from teddy is REACH certified – meaning you can be confident that your child’s mattress is safe from harmful substances to both people and the environment.


Designed to Support Your Child’s Body from Head to Toe

Zonescape 5 Zone and Airflow Foam Technology have been infused into the teddy junior LUX mattress. teddy’s Zone Technology is designed for your body from head to toe, targeting support to specific parts of the body and relieving pressure from the head, shoulders, hips, legs and feet and can help to align the spine and promote proper posture while sleeping.

The teddy junior LUX Mattress Grows with Your Child

The teddy junior LUX mattress introduces a dual-sided approach with each side recommend for a distinctive age group.

For children aged 2-4 years, the firm side with the high-density foam, five-zone design and airflow technology is recommended. The firmer layer assists with the lighter weight of children in this age group by providing pressure relief, breathability and spinal support.

For children in the 5-18 year category, the mattress should be flipped over to the softer, high density foam. This is designed to contour and support the growing body of children aged 5 and over.

Reduced Motion Transfer Means Less Sleep Disturbances

teddy’s Zone Technology also reduces motion transfer. This means that if you accidently fall asleep reading to your child, for example, you can get off the bed and they will barely feel a thing! What parent doesn’t love that?

Machine Washable Cover

Rare, or possibly non-existent, is the parent who hasn’t had the misfortune of having to clean a wet or soiled mattress at some ungodly hour of the night. That’s why one of our favourite features of the teddy junior LUX mattress is the machine washable cover, which allows you to simply unzip the knitted top fabric and toss it in the washing machine! Made from 2nd Life fabric, we love that is made using upcycled plastics, and is OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning the fabrics have been tested and proven free of any harmful substances.

Waterproof Inner Cover

Further protection for the teddy junior LUX mattress is provided by a waterproof removable inner cover designed to protect your mattress foams from accidents. This keeps the core of the mattress dry and hygienically clean and gives parents an added sense of peace. This waterproof cover combined with the machine washable cover means that parents don’t need to invest in costly, and often uncomfortable waterproof sheets for children who are toilet training or are prone to bed-wetting.

The teddy junior LUX is Sustainably Made

Each teddy junior LUX mattress removes up to 50 plastic bottles from our oceans and plants a native tree. So, you can sleep better knowing that you’re doing your bit for our environment.

FREE Personalised Copy of Dream Walker Book

Every teddy junior LUX mattress comes with a personalised book for your child. Dream Walker is a tale about a child’s pre-sleep imaginative journey of discovery and fantasy – all experiences contributing to good sleep hygiene, and a restful night’s sleep.


For more information about the range of teddy mattresses available or to order your child’s today, visit

Disclosure: The reviewer was gifted this product for the purpose of providing an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are the reviewers own.

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