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“My Family Say It’s Wrong to Let My Kids Shower Together!”

If you and your siblings are reasonably close in age, there is a very good chance that you remember jumping in the bath or shower with them as a child. It’s also likely that your bathe your own children together. Not only does it cut down on the amount of water you use and save time, bathtime can be a great time for kids to play and bond. One mother has run into criticism from family members who think it’s wrong for her daughters to shower together!

My daughters (8 and 3) like to shower together, it takes more time, but they enjoy it and it makes their night routine smoother.

My family has been saying is wrong and kinda indecent (i don’t know what word to use, sorry) to let them bathe together because they shouldn’t see each other naked. I don’t think is wrong and neither does my husband, aita for allowing them to shower together?

Also to add, they are indeed supervised, every 3 or 5 minutes we go to check them, and the door is not all the way closed.

Commenters jumped to the mum’s defence, pointing out that the family members were the ones who had a problem for seeing it as anything other than innocent and natural.

They are 8 and 3, why are a bunch of adults sexualizing it?! That part is what is gross and wrong. (Environmentalwash906)



THIS. They’re over-sexualizing it. My sister is 6 years older than me and we used to shower till she hit puberty. My god. Wtf is wrong w ppl?! (magface702)


You’re not wrong. Siblings bathing together at that age is normal and can make routines smoother. As long as they’re supervised, it’s perfectly fine. Trust your judgment. (LouiseLivingston)


Hell, when I (female) was a toddler, my mom bathed me with my brother who is four years older than me. It made bedtime much easier. A two year old girl and a six year old boy is nothing “scandalous”. He saw women’s bodies in the locker room for swimming lessons. Yeah, when I was about three I started bathing alone, but I truly don’t understand people sexualizing kids, ESPECIALLY kids of the same sex. (Adderall_sloth)

The majority of people agreed that it was a perfect normal thing to do, and her daughter’s would let her know when one of them started to be more self-conscious and uncomfortable with it.

My girls showered together until one of them became self aware of her body. This is natural and it will happen when it happens. Let them be kids while they can. (Equivalent_Key7428)


I am 5.5 years older than my brother. We bathed together when he was a toddler until I decided I wanted privacy, right around the age OP’s oldest is now. I continued to be comfortable bathing and changing with female cousins and/or my mother for another year or two after that, and then chose to have privacy from everyone while naked.

It’s perfectly normal to let children decide when they’re no longer comfortable with nudity (as long as you know everyone they’re around is safe), and it’s perfectly normal for siblings to be comfortable with nudity around each other at young ages. (Unable_Pumpkin987) 

Commenters also pointed out how much kids generally enjoy playing in the bath or shower together, and it’s a great way to foster closeness between siblings.

“Sibling bonding in the shower is natural and harmless. Trust your instincts and ignore the judgmental opinions. Keep fostering their closeness and happiness.” (AmandaDixonn)



WTF???? Of course it’s O.K.! Kids love showering together – it’s a bonding time, splashing each other, talking, having fun. My grandchildren showered together till the older girl turned 4 or 5 (the two boys were a year and two years older), and after that the girls and the boys shower separately but in single-sex groups. You are supervising them, they are not in distress, they like it. No problem. The only issue is your family making it into something dirty. The dirt is in their minds. (DawnShakhar)

The mum was advised by everyone to ignore the interference from her family, and have confidence in the fact that she isn’t doing anything wrong.

Oh my lord your family are so wrong. They are siblings showering. Nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of and this messaging teaches children that their bodies are shameful. You are absolutely NTA. (KatTheTumbleweed)



Your daughters don’t equate nudity to anything sexual at this age. They likely don’t know what that even is. The adults who are complaining only associate nudity with sex and just cannot fathom that it’s not sexual.

It’s like the idiots who can’t separate the sex from breastfeeding, even though that’s actually what the purpose of having breasts is.

You can’t fix stupid, but you can ignore it. (Liss78)

What do you think? Did you bath with your siblings when you were a kid? Do your kids bath together?

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