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“My SIL Is Demanding That I Spend $100 on Her Child’s Christmas Gift!”

One woman, sick of her sister-in-law’s demands that she spend $100 on her child for Christmas, has decided to take petty revenge on her instead…and we don’t blame her one bit! Although it did mean blowing the Christmas budget she and her husband had agreed upon, she hopes it’ll be worth it just to see her SIL’s face when it is unwrapped!

So, my husband and I decided that it would be best if I was a stay at home mom because childcare is so expensive and my previous job (pre-K teacher) barely covered a good daycare. I absolutely love being a SAHM and have been learning to budget more as we are on one income now. I typically do the Christmas shopping for both his family and mine, and I like to get it done before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the season without stressing.

My husband and I set what we felt like was a reasonable budget for kids gifts (10 nieces and nephews plus our own). I spent about 25-30 per kid, really spending time to coupon, find deals, and think about what each kid might like. My husband’s sister told us after I was completely done shopping that she spent 100 on our kid and would take it back and return it if we didn’t spent accordingly. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but she is really big into gift giving and not unusual for her. I told her I’d already finished shopping for her kid, told her our budget, and that I felt like it was a great gift.

Then… for literally weeks, she would make remarks about how I was cheap, grinch-like, and must not love her kid. She made comments about how she knows my husband got a good Christmas bonus this year, so we can afford to buy her kid a better gift. We can, but we were going to put that money towards my husband’s car payment. Also, her kid is one year old, and is more likely to enjoy playing with the wrapping paper and ribbons than an actual expensive gift.

Finally, after weeks of this, I had it. After speaking with my husband, I spent what she requested on the loudest, most annoying, piano set and drum kit that doesn’t turn off. I already set it up and assembled it so there is no chance at them returning it. I know my sister-in-law loves to sleep in and there is absolutely no way she will be able to continue to do so with these obnoxious toys in her house.

Part of me worries that my other brothers and sisters will find out we spent so much more on their kid, but honestly, the revenge might be worth it. AITAH?


People agreed that the ungrateful SIL was about to get exactly what she deserved!

You are an evil genius and I love it! I hope she enjoys the sounds of drums destroying her beauty sleep, something she sadly needs for her ugly, greedy personality. She asked for this and she’s getting what she deserves. I will never understand these people who are so fixated on the cost of a gift. It’s a really bad look and from the other comments, sounds like other people bow to her greed even when they can’t afford to. That’s sad. Well played, OP and.NTA. (forgetregret1day)


This is the kind of petty I can get behind. Well done. But next year just follow your budget. She sounds like an awful person. (Regular_Boot_3540)


Other people were confused why the monetary value of gifts had even been discussed in the first place.

NTA. When did it stop being rude to ask about the price of gifts? How did this conversation even happen? Who says “I spent X money on you and now you must spend the same”?? How do people even know how much was spent when there are different deals and sales on all year? (Petulafaerie_III)

Other commenters suggested doing away with the gift buying altogether, and encourage loved ones to spend time with them instead.

I seriously can’t fathom why people expect anyone to spend a certain amount on their kids! I’d much rather have my children’s aunts/uncles/relatives spend time with them and not buy them anything than spend a ridiculous amount on crap they don’t even really need. I hope your SIL is overjoyed to get her way! NTA. (brieles)

What do you think? Do you think people should feel obliged to buy for all of the children in the family?

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