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APR – Nicole Abbate – Shaye Rouge Accesories

WAHM of the Month – APRIL 2011

Shaye Rouge Fashion




This month I had the pleasure of interviewing another fabulous WAHM – Nicole Abbate, owner of Shaye Rouge Accesories.

Hi Nicole, I am already a big fan of your stunning handbag collection. (If only I had more arms!) But for our members who may not yet have discovered the delightful wares you have on offer,what can shoppers expect to find at Shaye Rouge Accessories?

Shaye Rouge Accessories specialises in designer inspired handbags, jewellery and fashion accessories. We have a great online store.

We also offer Shaye Rouge Fashion Events. These events can be held in your own home or online.

If you host an event a consultant will bring a variety of handbags and jewellery that your guests can purchase and take home on the day. We have fantastic hostess rewards. We are not your typical party plan company as there are no demonstrations. We display our products and let the host and their guests shop with ease and no pressure.

It’s a chance for you to get the girls together and have fun shopping in a relaxed atmosphere.

Shopping with a glass of wine in one hand and some nibbles in the other, certainly sounds like my kind of shopping Nicole! Which product is your personal favourite?

Our stock changes consistently but my favourite products are definitely the handbags we sell. I have a huge handbag collection and I strongly believe that you can NEVER have too many handbags (much to my husband’s dismay).

Before becoming a business owner, I understand you were a preschool teacher Nicole.

I love children so when I finished high school I trained to be a preschool teacher. I did this for 10 years and worked as preschool teacher right up till 10 days before I gave birth to my first child. My husband and I then grew our little family very quickly and I had three children less than five years. I realized that being a preschool teacher was no longer an option. I had always dreamed of starting my own business and while I was pregnant with our third child the opportunity arose to purchase Shaye Rouge Accessories and that’s where my journey as a WAHM began.

I bought the business in 2009. I always wanted to have my own business but also wanted to be at home with my children.

I wanted to have a business that inspired me and that I was passionate about so when I found a business that focuses on handbags and jewellery I knew I hit the jackpot.

I imagine running a business and a household is not without its challenges though, Nicole. Are there any aspects of being a WAHM which you find difficult?

For me the most challenging part is staying balanced and remembering that I am not just a wife and mother but I am also my own person. Even though motherhood is very rewarding, as mums, we often tend to forget we are also our own person and we must still strive to fulfill our dreams and goals in life.

It can also be a challenge trying to find quiet time to do the work needed and as a result staying up late to get things done, and trying to stay organized. I don’t have a separate work area as yet. This makes things hard as my work is spread around and the kids are always touching things.

Talking on the phone to customers and hostesses can be very difficult sometimes too. My four year old and two year old always pick that very moment to have a brawl on the lounge room floor.

Hmmm, that is definitely a phenomenon I am all too familiar with myself. I assume that the positives outweigh the negatives though?

Definitely! The pros are deciding what hours you want to work, being able to be at home with the kids and take them to all their activities, and the sense of achievement which comes from building a business you love and are passionate about.

With regards to motherhood, the most rewarding thing for me is watching each of my kids develop into their own little person and watching them discover things about themselves.

Each of our children is so different.

Also they have a great way of making you laugh and smile when you need it the most.

With so much to do Nicole, what do you enjoy doing to wind down?

When I am not being a busy mum of three children under 5 and a wife I love nothing, more than having some quiet time to myself. I like reading motivational books and watching Oprah whenever I can. My favourite movies are Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (corny I know- a movie to cry to and one to have a good laugh).

I like to watch Oprah as I find the stories, she and her guests share, inspiring.

And finally Nicole, do you have anything special to offer our members?

I certainly do! I would like to offer all MUMS LOUNGE members 20% off ALL online purchases in April. When purchasing items simply enter the coupon code WAHM MONTH and the discount will be calculated at the checkout.

Wow! With Mother’s Day on the horizon that sounds like a fabulous excuse for our mums to grab something gorgeous just for them! Thanks for the coffee and the chat Nicole…and, um, sorry for scoffing all of your Tim Tams!


Location:    On – Line

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0413 952 953



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