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Teen Finds Out More Than She Bargained for When She’s Accidentally Added to Mum’s Group Chat

Teen Finds Out More Than She Bargained for When She’s Accidentally Added to Mum’s Group Chat

Have you ever stumbled across something and immediately wished you hadn’t? Someone has taken to Reddit, not for advice, but just to share something they recently witnessed involving their mother, a new phone and a group chat that they really wish they hadn’t been privy to! And something tells us this unwanted dose of TMI won’t be easily forgotten any time soon. Buckle up, ‘cos this story is equal parts hilarious and mortifying.

In order to ease the storytelling process we’re going to refer to the Reddit poster as Jane (she/her) from this point on.

The story begins when Jane’s mother’s old phone dies and needs to be replaced. Instead of letting her mum go back to the Bronze Age on her horse drawn carriage to cart her and an indestructible Nokia, Jane agrees to teach her how to use a smart phone. How nice is that? After two weeks coaching her mum in the ways of the smartphone, her mum requested help creating a WhatsApp group chat with her friends. Jane showed her how to add people to the group, using her own number as a demonstration and after her mother added a few others successfully Jane thought no more about it and went to play games for a couple of hours.

You may already have a feeling where this story is going…but, honestly, you will NOT see the twist that is coming!

Later that day when Jane had finished gaming, she realised that she hadn’t left her mum’s group chat (whoops! Easy mistake to make). She jokingly wrote out a comment saying “I forgot to show you how to remove people from a chat” but the message was never sent…

This is where Jane makes the life-altering mistake of having a quick look through the message thread of her mother and her friends  – and the regret was real and instantaneous! The purpose of the group was to share cake ideas – which on first glance seems innocuous enough, right? Well, in this case, mum and her friends were discussing VERY specific cake ideas. It’s at this stage that poor Jane discovers that her mother is planning her father’s birthday cake – in the shape of a vagina! But it gets worse, if that’s possible. Mum doesn’t want any old vagina shaped cake, she wants the cake modelled off her own vagina! What a surprise that would’ve been! I would’ve deleted myself from the conversation right then and there!

At that moment I realized I never exited my mom’s group or showed her how to un-add me. I thought it would be funny to send a message in the group and inform my mom that I forgot to show her how to remove me. I never sent that message. I was too traumatized. It became clear to me that the purpose of the group was for my mom and her friends to share cake ideas. Specific cake ideas. Based on the messages I saw, my mom wanted a cake for my dad’s upcoming birthday that looked exactly like her vagina…

One of my mom’s friends said that she knew someone who specialized in “erotic cakes” and then asked my mom if she was willing to send that person a picture of her vagina since my mom didn’t want a random vagina cake. Before my mom could respond, another friend decided to share an old photo of my young mom and a few other young people who were about to go skinny dipping. Everyone in the photo was naked. My mom was spreading her butt cheeks and mooning the photographer. The person who sent the photo said “I hope you learned to shave over the years before you send that photo.” This was like the first 6 or 7 messages in the group. There was a lot more to read, but I had seen too much, so I exited the group as quietly as possible.


I have no idea how no one noticed I was there and I don’t know if they noticed me leave. My mom isn’t acting weird around me, even though I’m being weird as fuck, so I want to believe that I might be in the clear. That being said, I now know what my mom’s vagina looked like when she was my age.

Oh the horror! We’re hoping the nightmares fuelled by this group chat are few and far between, that Jane can find the delete button for her memories, and that Jane’s father enjoys his vagina style birthday cake! You can read the story in it’s entirety here, but let this be a lesson to you to delete your children from your group chats before talking about creating vagina birthday cakes!

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