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These Childhood Memories That Almost Everyone Has Will Make You Smile!

Whether your childhood was 20, 40 or 60 years ago, there seem to be some memories that almost everyone can relate to. Reddit users shared universal childhood memories and we’re shook by how many landed for us. In fact, after reading through this nostalgia-inducing, feel-good list of common childhood memories, it’s hard to believe how alike we really are, regardless of where or when we grew up.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Not being allowed to turn the light on in the car. (arcade3145)

When your sleeping in the car and your dad makes that one turn, when you arrive home, that wakes you up. (FlamingoNinja925)

Accidently snapping a ruler in half while testing “how bendy it is.” (hdke-1)

Either trying to step on no cracks or on only cracks on the sidewalk. (Qaztarrr)

Taste of that wooden stick from icesream, you cant remember the icecream but you can remember the taste of stick. (YoMamaSoFatSheIsFat)

How the school seemed a different world when you stayed late, or had to be there on a weekend. (971365)

Or when you saw a teacher outside of school (grocery store, for example) it was always shocking, like a gorilla had escaped the zoo and was doing people things. You were just shocked this person could actually exist outside of the school building. (GrimCreepaz)

Having a wiggly tooth (annasassin007)

Skinning the palms of your hands on the pavement. More specially the lower palms. Either tripping, falling off your bike, falling down in general. That burn and stinging and the scraps with just a little blood and grime. (Curious_Wrangler_980)

connecting the markers into really long “lightsabers” (MWaldorf)

Hiding in department store clothes racks. (Hellabaydude)

Thinking someone is your mom or dad and then realizing it’s not. (Travel_Bud)

Making friends with other kids at a public pool or playground and never seeing them again. (CapeOfBees)

Floor is lava and keep the balloon in the air. (x4ty2)


Being gifted a small amount of money and thinking you were rich. (Fair_Border4142)

Balancing the lightswitch between on and off. (No-Conference2086)

Playing swordfight with the cardboard tubes of wrapping paper. (hummusdapug)

Talking into a fan to hear your voice sound weird.

Inhaling helium. (um-tahnoun)

Climbing up the stairs like a dog. (SomeoneWhoPostedThis)

how exciting it was walk into your class and see a substitute. (Cellardoor210)

Scholastic book fairs. (kupckake)

Pushing on our eyes until we saw patterns appear. (SkittleSkitzo)

Watching raindrops racing down a car window and picking a winner. (Throwaway17717)


Not being able to find your mum in the supermarket. (amazingphrasing)

Hanging off the side of the bed to see what your room looked like upside-down, and imagining walking on the ceiling. (RiderWriter15925)

Might be an Australian thing but the smell of hose water when you play outside in the sprinkler/in a paddling pool/with waterballoons or water pistols. Whenever I water the garden for my parents just reminds me of summer. Good vibes. (deleted)

Do people see the same colours as the colours I do? Or would their purple look like my yellow? (ohyonghao)

Stabbing erasers with pencils. (thatbikerchick51)

Spinning around until we fall from dizziness, then laying in the grass and finding shapes in the clouds. (Ivegotthatboomboom)

Wacking your shin with a bike pedal when your foot slips off. (Fatherof10)

making a blanket fort in the living room (deleted)


The huge rainbow parachute game where everyone was in a circle fanning it up and down, and going underneath it and it being a whole different world under there. (Oaztarrr)

Putting our small child sized feet into an adult shoe (groceriesN1trip)

Putting liquid in a bottle cap and pretending we are taking a shot. (candyheyn)

Learning to play the recorder. (skespev)

Writing “boobs” in the calculator. (skitten)


Accidentally calling your teacher mom. (distracted_x)

Putting Elmer’s glue on your hand and peeling it off to make skin. (hglndr9)

I’m surprised i haven’t seen this yet. but playing “house” and pretending to be parents or having your friends be your “kid.” (not_a_microwave2)

Running through sprinkler, nerf gun battles, holding your poop in because whatever your playing is too important.. maybe that last one was just me. (Relic395)

Getting in trouble for doing something that you didnt do but being too young to try and defend yourself. (NMFireStrikeWasTaken)

Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 10. (crystamichelle)

Having to sleep with all of your teddy bears at once so that none of them feel bad. (deleted)

Hearing the ice cream truck and chasing it down the street. (Elderberry_Real)

Swinging on a swing and thinking that if you pumped your legs hard enough you could swing over the top. (manderifffic)


Going to Blockbuster on a Friday night. (ny2skidooz)

The sound of the swing set that always lifted when you swung too high. (Illexgrow)

Getting excited seeing a tin of cookies.

Only to find its full of sewing supplies.(fizzunk)

Getting yelled at by an adult that’s not your parent. Terrifying. (ManOfTheInBetween)

Relatives telling you how much you’ve grown in the last month. (mufflednoise)

Trying to shut up your sibling who’s crying bc you took things a little too far before your parents find out. (classicrockrocks)

Always drawing the sun in the corner of the picture… good old times. (maltemalte1twozwei)

Sucking the water out of the wet washcloth. (RobertJosephr)

Thinking cats are girls and dogs are boys. (Ukato_Farticus)

Finding out Chapstick doesn’t taste as good as it smells. (TotallyHumanPerson)

Pretending to be asleep when your parents opened the door to check on you. (sufferpuppet)

Square dancing in PE. (gaytheforcebewithyou)


Making “soup” out of dirty water,mud and leaves. (Ghostly_rews)

running to the bathroom during advertisements. (deleted)

Peeling a scab. Regretting you did it. Later doing it again. (czl)

The way sticky fingers feel after having ice cream run over our hands. (flittingly1)

The panic of getting an arm or leg stuck in a chair or between banisters. (deleted)

Imagining there was a shark in the pool. (SlowLime)

Tracing on another persons back while they guess what you drew. (TattooJerry)

Having to play with weird kids we didn’t like because our parents were hanging out. (mjzim9022)

Doin that thing where you quickly cover and uncover your ears repeatedly. (Galazygon)

Pretending a mechanical pencil is an injection. (leviOsa003)

“Dad said he’d hold the bike when I was learning to ride, but he let go and I didn’t realize at first…” (obliviocelot)

running out of the bathroom as fast as possible after flushing in the middle of the night to not get eaten by the monsters. (deleted)

Playing on the playground on a hot summer day and decide to go down the slide, and saying “ahhhhhh ouch hot hot hot on the way down.” (Odd-Law8794)


How many of these childhood memories can you relate to?

What else would you add?

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