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Whilst the list of ‘micro-celebrities’ is on the rise, a recent survey conducted on the Mums Lounge audience found that the majority of parents placed little trust in them when it comes to product recommendations.


“When it comes to making significant purchases,” explains Emma Marks, founder of Mums Lounge, “Australian parents are telling us that they aren’t lured by the glitz and glamour of so-called ‘influencers.’ Our recent survey shows that 41% prefer to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends, and 37% prefer to read genuine, warts-and-all blog reviews on trusted websites such as Mum Lounge. In contrast, just 7% said they were influenced by television adverts, 3% by radio advertising and 4% by social media influencers.”

“Our readers know that they can come to our website for some light-hearted entertainment, support in the form of a wonderful online community, and tips on how to deal with tricky parenting challenges. But they also trust us to trial new and interesting products and report back truthfully on the pros and cons so that they can accurately judge whether it’s a worthwhile purchase for them or their family. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.”

“Our survey also revealed that our audience is very active on social media, with 63% logging onto their preferred platforms daily, and a whopping 26% admitting to engaging with social media on an hourly basis.”

“Interestingly, we also found, that whilst shopping didn’t feature highly on their list of reasons for using social media – the predominant reason being to stay connected to friends and family – only 15% of respondents hadn’t made a purchase after seeing something advertised on a social media channel in the last 4 weeks. Similarly, only 15% hadn’t made a purchase in the last 3 months. That tells us, that 75% of respondents are regularly purchasing everything from clothing, food and drink, beauty products, gifts etc, as a direct result of spending time online.”

“This puts the Mums Lounge editorial team in the enviable position of being able to assist our audience in finding products that we truly believe will add value to their lives. We are extremely proud of the fact that we honour the trust our readership places in us, by only recommending high quality products that we genuinely think other parents, like us, will love.”

Got a product you’d like to showcase to the parents of Australia? Please contact us to find out how we can tailor a package to your specific needs.

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