‘Game-Changing’ Homemade Mars Bar Mega Pods Recipe Goes Viral and We Know What We Are Making This Weekend!

‘Game-Changing’ Homemade Mars Bar Mega Pods Recipe Goes Viral and We Know What We Are Making This Weekend!

If you haven’t gotten your weekend plans sorted yet, listen up! These Mars Bar Mega Pods sound super easy to make and look absolutely incredible.

While combining caramel, chocolate and a biscuit base to make something yummy isn’t anything new, this slow cooker recipe for Mega Pods has gone viral because well, look at them!

The recipe went viral after a home cook’s not-so-secret recipe was shared to the Slow Cook Recipes & Tips Facebook page.

Using just three ingredients, a slow cooker and an oven to heat the pre-packaged biscuits, the recipe simply could not be easier.

How to make ‘Mars Bar’ Mega Pods

First, make your slow-cooked caramel –  place a can of sweetened condensed milk in the slow cooker upside down and resting on baking paper so as not to mark your slow cooker. Cover with water and cook on High for 6 hours. 

After six hours, turn the cooker off and let the tin cool in the water overnight.

Next, warm Arnott’s butternut snap biscuits in the oven until soft, then push a spoon in the middle of each biscuit to shape them. Let the biscuits cool, then fill them with the caramel.

Now melt 150g of milk chocolate buttons in the slow cooker on high for 10-15 mins until just melted and smooth and spread on top of each caramel-filled biscuit. Put in the fridge to set.

As the recipe was shared hundreds of times, people commented about how they made similar sweets over the years.

“My mum made these many years ago. Nice with chocolate ripple biscuits too,” wrote one commenter.

“That’s the way my mum taught me to make caramel, it’s the best tasting,” added another.

It was discussed that using a slow cooker was too much of a hassle, with helpful users providing quicker instructions.

“Three hours on stovetop ensuring it remains covered with water is great too. It tastes better than the bought tins of caramel too.”

Ultimately though, one lady turned out to say what everyone was probably secretly thinking:

“I would love to try it,” she said.

“Would probably just end up drinking wine and eating the condensed milk, biscuits and chocolate though.”

What do you think? Will you give this recipe a try this weekend?


Source: Facebook/Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips


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