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The ART of Parenting

KathrineHatswellHi Everyone! My name is Kathrine, I am a frazzled mother to three and step mum to two. I have a very busy life with sport and School and Scouts and jobs and coping with a house full of teenagers and their friends, we call our house ‘Heathrow’ as there are always people coming and going. The poor dog isn’t really sure who lives here and who are visitors..


But there is enough food and fun and drama for everyone!


I love cooking, sewing, reading, crafting and making and upcycling all manner of things, family time, and getting outdoors. I live a life that sort of a mix of Martha Stewart, Bear Grylls, and American pickers!
My husband thinks I might actually be a Womble.


Parenting is a lot like Art, it looks good from a distance, its all in the eye of the beholder and you can BS your way into making people think that it is wonderful! It is often colourful and interesting.


I don’t claim to be perfect parent or even a good artist, but I sure am going to try and you can bet its going to get messy!

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