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Want to Earn an Income Without Sacrificing Important Time with Your Family?

Welcome to Working Mums Masterclass. Just the fact that you are here says that you have something in common with us. You are a parent who is looking for a genuine work from home opportunity that allows you to earn an income whilst also being able to balance your family life.

Trust us, we get it! Working Mums Masterclass is run by some very successful entrepreneurs who all started out exactly where you are now – as a mum with drive and determination who wanted to provide financial stability for her family whilst having the freedom to choose when to work, and how often. Mums who wanted to have a career that they loved without having to trade it for being present at their child’s swimming carnival, school concerts and sporting events etc.

Emma Marks, founder and director of mmg (Mum Media Group – of which Mum’s Lounge forms a part of) knows only too well how rewarding life can be for women who are given the opportunity to earn an income without having to sacrifice the other things that are important to them, like spending time with their family. Emma is a successful working mum and is leading the way in Australian business in employing parents part-time and in a way that suits them. “There is an absolute goldmine of parents with incredible skills in Australia that are being spectacularly under-utilized and I just think it’s crazy that more Australian businesses aren’t employing parents. There is such a strong opportunity for parents to work for themselves from home too and Working Mums Masterclass is all about showing our mums what the opportunities are!” she says.

So How do You Find GENUINE Work From Home Opportunities?

Knowing where to look for genuine work from home opportunities can be tricky. When you start to look, it can seem that the internet is a cess-pit of bogus scams and pie-in-the-sky get-rich-quick schemes, designed to relieve you of your money rather than truly aid you in making an income. And what Mum has time to sift through the real and not so genuine opportunities? That’s why we’ve created Working Mums Masterclass on Mum’s Lounge – your one-stop site on the internet for genuine work from home opportunities. We’ve done the research for you, so you can be confident that everything you see here has made ‘our grade’! Whether you are looking to make some extra part-time income or build a full-time business, we’ll be sharing the tools and the know-how here with you.

There are lots of exciting ‘extra income’ opportunity reviews to come for Working Mums Masterclass – we hope you will join our community and be inspired, educated and engaged in the opportunities we present you! Click on the links below to see our first work from home opportunity.


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