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Win an Emma Diamond II Mattress in the Size of Your Choice!

To celebrate World Sleep Day our friends at Emma Sleep are giving Mums Lounge readers the chance to win one of their Diamond II mattresses in the size of the winner’s choice.

Maintain ideal sleep temperature all night, every night

Elevate your slumber with Emma’s revolutionary mattress adorned with ThermoSync® foam infused with graphite particles that dissipate heat away from your body to ensure that you sleep in your ideal sleep climate. The ThermoSync® foam also has moisture wicking properties to properly absorb sweat for a dry and cool sleep experience.

The diamond standard of comfort

Featuring Emma Sleep’s Edge-to-edge Technology, say hello to a cutting-edge type of comfort wherein your body lays on a soft top layer and moves continuously into a sturdy and supportive base. With its combination of memory foam and 7-zone infinity springs, the mattress becomes more supportive and more comfortable the deeper you sink into it.

Uninterrupted, ideal sleep environment for all

With the ThermoSync® design working in harmony with edge-to-edge infinity springs, this mattress maintains that “never too hot, never too cold” feeling of multiple sleepers, leaving other sleeper’s climates unaffected – making it the premier choice for couples with different sleep preferences.

What’s Inside the Diamond II Mattress?

The top cover that’s a breeze to clean

The Emma UltraDry™ cover is soft-to-touch, making it very comfortable to lie on. It is breathable and also completely removable, making it easy to wash.

The cutting-edge foam that regulates temperature

Infused with NanoCarbon™ particles, the ThermoSync® foam absorbs your body heat and redistributes it away from the mattress, keeping your body temperature constant so that you can get better and deeper sleep.

A foam layer that’s ultra breathable

Our innovative, open-pored Aerofoam layer has a velvety soft feeling and adapts to the shape of your body, providing pressure relief to sensitive areas. It also enhances airflow and absorbs moisture to keep your body cool and dry.

The memory foam that adapts to your body

MemoryAdapt Foam helps you to easily find and stay in your favorite sleep position. It moulds to fit your body’s unique curves by offering a better pressure distribution. The foam creates pathways for air to flow in-n-out while retaining the classic comfort of memory foam.

A supportive foam layer that keeps you from sinking

The durable SupportBase foam supports you with the right level of firmness–without the dips and sinks. Lay back and move freely until you’ve found your deep-sleep position.

The springs that support your entire body

Our Infinity springs feature advanced breathability and pressure relief for extra comfort and support. These factors also help extend the lifespan of your mattress.

The base layer for backup stability

The bottom of our UltraDry® covers is made of anti-slip fabric to bring extra stability to your nights.

Enter for Your Chance to Win an Emma Diamond II Mattress

For your chance to win an Emma Diamond II mattress in the size of your choice, complete the entry form below.

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