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“Is it Wrong to Throw Meat into My Neighbours Yard to Feed Their ‘Vegan Dog?’”

One man has taken to the internet to ask whether it is ok to feed someone else’s pet if you are concerned that the diet their owner has them on is harmful.

Several months ago we had new Neighbor’s move in next door. We both have dog’s so we initially got on quite well and chatted on our morning walks.

Eventually the guy told me his dog was vegan and I asked him if that really was a good idea, he got quite defensive about it and basically said I was ignorant. His dog looked miserable.

For the past month I have been throwing bits of steak, chicken and eggs into their yard when they are both at work. The dog is now looking a lot healthier and happier but I was talking to another friend that said I had really went too far and should stop!

AITAH? How the heck can a Dog be vegan!!!


Many people were horrified that the dog’s owner was pushing his own diet on his dog, pointing that dogs are designed to be meat-eaters and to feed them a vegan diet is tantamount to animal abuse.

There’s no such thing as a vegan dog. There are normal meat eating dogs, and dogs that are victims of animal abuse (Ptronski)

Dogs aren’t vegan, that’s animal abuse. A vegan wanting to have vegan pets is perfectly fine. But that means they shouldn’t have dogs or especially cats as pets.

My vegan friends have 2 awesome bunnies. (IndividualDevice9621)

Some commenters encouraged him to keep feeding the neighbour’s dog to substitute his poor diet.

If the dog was truly a vegan, he wouldn’t eat the meat you throw over the fence. If he’s eating it, he wants it. Keep feeding the poor thing! I hope you don’t get caught! (milkdumpling)

Canines are not vegan. Keep feeding that dog. Your neighbor can piss off. NTA (how_Bookcover)

However, not everyone agreed, suggesting instead that he go through more appropriate channels and report his concerns to animal welfare instead.

No, YTA for not calling local animal control for abuse of a dog. Call them, no such thing as a vegan dog. (Helens_Moaning_Hand)

I’d say it’s not your circus and not your monkeys. If you’re concerned for the dog’s well-being you should let the appropriate channels handle it. (winkwright)

Since it isn’t your dog, what you are doing is wrong. If you really care for the dog then call local animal control and report them for abusing their dog. That will get you nowhere but should be enough for your neighbors to totally hate you. Good luck. (Ilkahl)

YTABJ – (you’re the asshole, but justified). Yes you overstepped your bounds, but I agree – dogs aren’t supposed to be vegan. I even wonder if that’s something where animal control would intervene. (Johnny-Fakenameh)


When abuse is involved, especially with an animal, its never overstepping. This person needs that dog taken away, NOW. (Atlearnandchurnin)

I had an acquaintance who tried to force his dog to be vegan.

Dog broke out and ate a whole family of rabbits. Pretty sure the dogs stance was made very clear that day. (phononmezer)

Others argued that it is never ok to feed someone else’s dog, and doing so could actually do more harm than good.

YTA. It’s not your dog. If you think the dog is being treated inhumanely, report it. All you’ve done is make this dog suffer more because he cannot get meat at home, and now he’s going to only eat what you feed him. Do you think you’ll continue to get away with that? YTA 100%. It’s sad the dog has to put up with either one of you. (Mission-dance-5911)


I’m a dog person and not a vegan, but YTA.

it’s never ok to feed someone else’s pet without consent.

Maybe you should have given them information or contacted aspca or something.

My dog has a chicken allergy. If someone gave my dog chicken, it could make her extremely ill. (MaddoxGoodwin)

What do you think? What would you do in this guy’s position?

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