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Daughter Refuses to Invite Parents To Wedding Unless They Pay Her $15K

Daughter Refuses to Invite Parents To Wedding Unless They Pay Her $15K


After putting her parents in debt, one woman is now demanding $15,000 from them or else they’re not invited to her wedding. This is money on TOP of what they’ve already given her. Entitled much!

The couple in the story say they saved up $30k for each of their children’s future, only to have their daughter commit identity fraud and steal $45k from them. The daughter is now getting married and is demanding more money from her parents just because her brother already received his share.

Here’s their story:

When my children were born, my husband and I were determined to put aside money for
their university, weddings, and lives. We are not particularly well off, but managed to scrape together almost $30k for each of our children by the time they were in their mid-teens.

When our daughter (24) was 17/18, she became involved in a very cliquey group of wealthy girls who were constantly showing off to each other. In an effort to impress these girls, our daughter committed identity fraud against me in order to open several credit cards and buy a car.

She had no job and no way of paying the almost 45k of debt she incurred. My husband and I declined to press charges against her, but we wound up with 45k of debt that we couldn’t afford to pay off.

We ended up having to use the money set aside for our children’s futures. We made it clear to our daughter at the time that she would no longer have that nest egg and that she would have to pay us back for the 15k taken from her brother’s future nest egg.

She got a job at a fast food place, went to therapy, did everything we asked, and turned into a respectable adult. She never went to university but has worked her way up to being FOH manager for a small restaurant, and we are proud she has turned her life around.

Our son turned 18 in January. He was supposed to go away to university in England this year but ended up taking a gap year instead because of covid. As promised, we gave him the 30k, and he has put most of it into a fund for university and future traveling and spent the remaining 4k on a car so he could get to his job (he works at a plumbing store).

Our daughter came home for the first time since before covid to tell us she was getting married to her bf of 3 years. We were super excited and thrilled to see her.

However, when she saw her brother’s car in the driveway, she asked how he bought it, and my husband reminded her of the fund. Long story short, she is now upset that we have given her brother 30k despite being reminded about what she did and how much it cost us.

She is now demanding that if we want to be invited to her wedding, then we have to give her an amount equal to her brother. Honestly, we are heartbroken.

We simply cannot afford to give her that kind of money even if we wanted to, and we thought she understood our position. I feel like a terrible mother for letting her down, but my husband is resolute that we did the right thing.

In an updated post, the couple clarify that their daughter did in fact pay the money back that was owed to her brother.

Edit: I should make it clear, as see comments assuming otherwise, she did pay back the $15k for her
brother’s nest egg.

What do you think the parents should do in this situation?


Images: Pixabay

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