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Man Refuses to Buy Girlfriend Expensive Knives for Her Birthday Because She’s Not a Professional Chef

Man Refuses to Buy Girlfriend Expensive Knives for Her Birthday Because She’s Not a Professional Chef


A man has come after fire for being stingy with his girlfriend’s birthday gift. When she asked for a set of Japanese cooking knives he flat out refused saying they were way too expensive for someone who only cooks as a hobby. Do you agree with him?

The man’s refusal to buy his girlfriend a set of $254 Japanese knives has sparked an online debate. While money isn’t an issue for the couple, he says he feels it’s an unreasonable request since she’s not a professional cook. Here’s what he wrote:

I (30M) have a girlfriend (28F) of 6 years. It’s always a problem to get her something for her birthday, so I asked her what she wants. At first, she said she does not know and that a nice dinner would do. However, yesterday she came home from work and told me she saw a very nice set of Japanese knives she would like, but it’s a bit expensive.

The knives were $254, which I think is nonsense to pay for knives since she is not a professional cook and only cooks as a hobby. I told her I think it’s unreasonable and that I won’t buy it for her. She said ok, but was quiet the whole evening. When I asked her what happened, she told me shouldn’t ask her what she wants if I don’t want to take it into consideration. I think it’s a bit childish; she gave me one suggestion, and I said no. It shouldn’t be such a big deal. Money is not the problem, as we both have nice salaries and are childfree with reasonable monthly expenses.

We don’t have any limit for the price of gifts. For my last birthday, she got me a summer trip to Turkey (paid by some benefits from her job). So, am I the a**hole?

So, if money is not an issue then what’s the problem dude?? In an updated post he shared what he finally bought her and tbh we think it’s way better than a set of knives!

I finally got her a weekend getaway to Italy (we live in Europe), which she will definitely love because she is in love with Italian food
and culture in general.

And in a further updated post, he informed everyone that he bought the knives anyway!!

I ordered the knives directly from Japan in a black design that will fit with our kitchen we made a few months ago.

Commenters still thought he was a stingy boyfriend and wrote on his post voicing their opinions.

YTA. She got you a TRIP TO TURKEY and you can’t cough up $250 for a nice set of knives? Boy, you had better get those knives delivered TODAY if you ever want to enjoy the results of your girlfriend’s cooking hobby again. You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy nice knives ffs.

Normally I’d say ‘NAH’, but the fact that you stated that ‘money is not the problem’ changes everything. The only reason why you don’t even want to give her those knives is because you think it’s ‘nonsense’ because she is not a professional. You asked her what she wanted for her birthday since it’s “always a problem” and she answered it and you just… immediately denied her request without even considering it. Just buy her the damn knives already.

You asked, she answered – you don’t get to decide if it’s “legitimate”. It’s her hobby! If she was into bird watching would you scoff at buying decent binoculars? As it happens, $250 is a really good price for a nice hobbyist set. Not a great set, just a decent set. You know nothing about cooking knives, clearly, based on the fact you think that’s expensive for knives. Also? Having good knives makes a huge difference in the kitchen. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with quality knives – something I’m sure she knows. You messed up not only by belittling her choice, but also by ignoring her after she finally answered. Guess what – she’s never gonna tell you what she wants again because she won’t want to be disappointed by you.

Do you agree?


Images: Pixabay

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