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Husband Refuses To Fix Household Appliances After Wife Keeps Breaking Them

Husband Refuses To Fix Household Appliances After Wife Keeps Breaking Them


A husband has told his wife to ‘fix it herself’ after she asked him to take a look at their washing machine that wasn’t working. He says she’s constantly breaking things and shows no appreciation for him fixing them.

Writing into Reddit, the man explains how fed up he is at his wife’s lack of appreciation whenever he fixes something she breaks. He says the last straw was when the washing machine stopped working after she washed the dog’s beds in there before removing all the dog hair. He says he had no intention of wasting his weekend fixing the machine so he told her to call someone to fix it.

Now he’s asking if he’s in the wrong for refusing to repair it. Here’s what he wrote:

Last summer, my wife was mowing our lawn while I was out of town for the weekend. This is something I usually do. Apparently, she had been watering the garden earlier in the day and didn’t put the hose back. I have no idea how it happened since I wasn’t there, but she ran over the hose with the mower. We have a walk-behind mower, so don’t know how she didn’t see it or if she just thought it would be okay.

Either way, the blade on the mower broke, and the hose somehow got wrapped around the blade shaft. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, I came home to a new project that I wasn’t planning on.

I was frustrated with my wife for doing this, especially since she couldn’t explain very well how it happened other than “All of a sudden I iust heard a loud noise and the mower stopped. It took me a long time to get the mower working again between ordering parts and repair, but it was still cheaper than buying a new mower. When I was done, my wife didn’t even thank me for fixing it. She just said she was never mowing again. I thought that was fine since it meant I wouldn’t have to fix another broken blade shaft.

Then he goes on to recount what was the last straw for him.

Last weekend, my wife decided to wash all of our dog’s blankets and bed covers at the same time without removing any of the dog hair beforehand. Our dog sheds quite a bit, so these things were covered in hair.

As expected, the washer wasn’t draining properly when she checked on it. She asked me to take a look, and I knew it was a bigger job than I wanted to tackle. So, I told my wife that she had a project on her hands. She asked if I was going to fix it, and I said no. I reminded her that last time I fixed one of her screw-ups, it took me hours of work without a single thank you.

I told her that I’m pretty sure the drain pipe is clogged or there’s a problem with the drain pump, and she could google how to fix it. She said she had no idea how to do anything like that, so l told her to call someone to come fix it.

I wasn’t fixing this problem for her this time because I wanted to spend my weekend doing things I enjoy instead of cleaning up her mess. She complained that it would be expensive, and I agreed but said it was worth the money for me not to have to spend the rest of my
weekend fixing it. She called a repairman, and I overheard her on the phone saying, “my husband is refusing to fix this, so you’re going to need to send someone over here.” The repairman came the next day and took about 4 hours to fix it.

It turns out the drain pipe and pump were both clogged with nasty clumped-up dog fur. My wife is mad that I didn’t fix it for her because it was kind of expensive, but at least I got to watch some NFL playoffs.

After asking Redditors if he was indeed the a**hole in this situation, we don’t think he would’ve been too happy with the responses. You see, the majority of them were in support of his wife with many saying he sounded quite ‘abusive.’

YTA. Based on the other comments on this thread, I may get down voted to hell for this, but eh. I don’t understand this idea of “her problem.” You guys are married and are a team. When things break in the house, its both of your problems. You also seem to just be resentful of the fact that your wife has accidents. Which I don’t understand because no one is perfect and she is not doing these things to spite you. I also can understand why she may want you to fix it if you guys are on a tighter budget because it may be expensive and you have proven handy in the past with mechanical projects. Have you ever gotten upset that she called someone to fix a problem that you felt like you could fix yourself? Honestly, it just sounds like you guys need better communication skills. Tell her you feel underappreciated, but also realise that you are a complete ass for calling her mistakes screw ups. Really. It just sounds like you wanted to watch the NFL playoffs, and you’re pissed that things had to get done around the house during that time. That’s being an adult. Record it and watch it later.

YTA. Help your wife dude. Mowing over the hose seems like an accident and you’re like resentful for it. I bet you do dumb shit too

YTA. Not because you refused to fix the washer, but because you talk about your wife like she’s nobody important to you. This whole post drips
with resentment towards her.

Do you agree??


Images: Pixabay

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