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Husband Reminds Wife She Still Has Baby Weight To Lose Two Years After Giving Birth

Husband Reminds Wife She Still Has Baby Weight To Lose Two Years After Giving Birth


“I find her beautiful, but she keeps sizing up in her jeans and then acts confused about why.” Is there a quicker way to find yourself in the doghouse? We think not.

Taking to the Am I The A**hole thread on Reddit, user @RonchIRode said he and his wife have a seven-year-old and two-year-old twins and that his wife still hasn’t lost her baby weight.

“With our first son, my wife lost her weight pretty fast,” he said. “She was pretty petite before the twins, probably around 55kg. Now she’s around 80kg.”

He then goes on to say “his wife has made no attempt to lose the weight and no longer goes to the gym. She use to always be in the gym, four days a week.”

And while the wife knows she is carrying extra weight it seems like the husband had to remind her of it during an argument. “The other night she was complaining her new jeans no longer fit and I pointed out that she still has her baby weight. She got really upset and said I basically called her unattractive. That is not the case at all, I find my wife beautiful, but she keeps sizing up in her jeans and then acts confused about why.”

Amazingly, he can’t understand why this may have hurt her feelings and says he “thought this sort of comment would be okay because they are very open with each other.”

“I never meant for it to be taken so negatively,” he said. ‘It wasn’t “it wasn’t meant to be an insult, just a comment telling her she hasn’t lost it yet. She then got defensive and said she carried two babies in her body and what did I expect?”

He continued with, “She slept as far to the wall as she could get, and had an attitude with me for the rest of the night.”

Wow! Imagine being that stupid. Of course comments on the thread came in full support of mum with many agreeing that perhaps the extra wait she needs to lose is HIM.

“Split your abdominal muscles in half and then decide if you feel like going to the gym ever again,” one commenter wrote. “Then get on Google and ask what you can do to support a partner who wants to get back in shape. You can meal prep, you can offer to take something off her hands, get her sessions to something fun and fitness-adjacent so she feels good. These are some of the ways you can be a supportive partner before you open your mouth and offer unsolicited opinions on the body that broke itself to build you your family.”

While one person was irked with the word ‘yet’. “She hasn’t lost it yet.

“That’s setting an expectation that she will lose the weight. You putting that kind of pressure on her is going to make her self-conscious, and like you’re basing her worth on her ability to have kids, yet look like she’s had none.”

“I don’t understand what you thought saying this would achieve. Do you think she hasn’t noticed she doesn’t weigh the same as pre-babies? She is not confused as to why she is going up in jeans sizes. Did you think your wife would say “Oh! Thank you, I see now, I better drop my two toddlers and young child off somewhere so I can go back to the gym four times a week. I am so glad you explained to me what has happened!”

“Perhaps the weight she needs to lose is you, you sound like a d**k! Do you offer to take care of the kids while she goes?” another asked.

“Now the gym is called ‘At home chasing toddlers,’” one added.

And our favourite comment: “Women give up their bodies to carry children, gain weight, stretch marks and if they’re lucky they won’t suffer pelvic organ damage, lose career opportunities and wages. The list goes on. Your wife deserves someone who will recognise the struggle of pregnancy and postpartum life, and your children need to see you lifting her up, not pointing out her weight.”

Yesss Queen!!

Images: Pixabay

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