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MIL Wants to Wear Her Own Wedding Dress to Son’s Wedding

MIL Wants To Wear Her Own Wedding Dress To Son’s Wedding


Imagine getting a message from your mother in law informing you she’s planning on wearing her wedding dress to your wedding. What would you do? Laugh it off or tell her ‘hell no!’

Sharing the story on Reddit, the bride-to-be wanted some advice on handling her monster-in-law. She was left so horrified by the exchange that she was lost for words.

“Hi S— how are you?” the bride wrote to her fiancé’s mum. ‘M— told me that you already got a dress for our wedding?

“Someone’s excited for the wedding lol,” she continued. “We weren’t planning on ordering our until after Christmas.”

“I told my baby that I HAD a dress and did not purchase one,” her MIL responded.

The bride asked her MIL to send her a photo. “I’m sure it’s stunning on you!” she wrote.

“You have already seen it,” her MIL wrote. “Did I not show you my wedding album last weekend?”

“I’m sorry,” the bride-to-be wrote back. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything but you’re planning on wearing your wedding dress to our wedding?”

Which is when the MIL lost her cool.

“Do not play these games with me you skank,” she wrote back. “It is MY son’s wedding and I am paying for over half of it.


“I will wear whatever f—ing dress I please and if you have something to say about it… well, good luck to your family because Lord knows they are too poor to afford it seeing as I am already paying for more than half,” she added.

‘Don’t you dare even think about trying to ruin this moment for me,’ her MIL continued.

“You know the rest of my children will not get married in my lifetime and this is the only wedding of my children that I will be a part of,” she added.

WOW, just WOW! And yes, she called her future daughter in law a SKANK! Unbelievable.

Commenters quickly pointed out how disgusting her MIL’s actions and words were and told the poor woman to stand up for herself and not be bullied.

“I think if my MIL called me a skank I’d be declining to contact her ever again,” wrote one person.

“This poor woman and her fiance need to decline her money, elope and never speak to her again. Oof,” another person added.

While a third commenter had the perfect solution, “Time to secretly tell all the other women that wearing their past wedding dresses are encouraged as a fun ‘let’s share in the moment and reminisce’ type reception. Then wear a completely different bright red ballgown to stick out.”

Hahaha- love that! And if you thought the story couldn’t get any worse, just wait. In an updated post, the woman says her fiancé sided with her after she shared the story with him.

“Sooo I asked your mother to see the dress she wanted to wear and it turned out to be her own wedding dress… Not sure if you know but it’s incredibly rude to wear white let alone a wedding dress to a wedding,” she wrote. “I know you’re really close with your mum but this is how she treats me as soon as you aren’t around. I know you’ve talked to her in the past about it but she never changes.”

“That’s not my mother that is a demon in her skin,” he responded. 

“Skank are you f—ing kidding me?” he added. “Ur beautiful I love you.”

“I know your excited about planning this and everything but if it comes down to it I am fine just not having it,” he said. ‘We can finally just honeymoon.”

He then sent his mother a copy of the text conversation she and his fiancée had and really gave it to her.

“MUM WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG WITH YOU??” he wrote in a text. “How can you talk to [Bride] like that?? What you said to her was HORRIBLE I literally cannot believe you did that. Imagine how awful she must feel right now. She has been nothing but kind to you and our family,” he continued. “The amount of disrespect you showed her is appalling I’m literally speechless right now.”

And instead of the MIL reaching out to apologise she continues to bombard the woman with more abuse.

“We have been so gracious to accept you into our family and THIS is how you repay us?? By making our family look like horrible people to the Facebook? You should be ASHAMED of yourself [Bride] how could you make me look so BAD?” she wrote.

“You can finally have my blessing…to leave my son alone B—-,” she added.

The future bride responded gracefully simply saying: “I’m sorry you feel this way but please just think about how your behaviour will affect M— and OUR day.”

*hand clap

Images: Imgur


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