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Dad’s Cruel Elf on the Shelf Pranks Devastates The Children, Ruins Christmas, and Triggers Divorce

Dad’s Cruel Elf on the Shelf Pranks Devastates The Children, Ruins Christmas, and Triggers Divorce

As many families are packing away their Christmas decorations, one concerned mum contemplates divorce after her husband traumatised their children with his cruel Elf on the Shelf pranks.

Sharing her shocking story on social media, the overwhelmed mother of three explained the antics that led to her taking the couple’s children to her mother’s house and spending Christmas Day apart.

After explaining their blended family dynamics (one child from each parent’s prior relationships, one of theirs together), the woman described how Christmas is extra special for her son, Andy, whose birthday falls on Christmas Eve.

“His dad started a tradition where Santa would’ve consideration with him for being a “kid of Christmas”. So he feels magical and special. I always try to give him that. Last year, I left “Santa Claus” footsteps, ate a carrot and “grass” he left for Rudolf. Stuff like that.

“My husband doesn’t think it’s a good idea I do all that for him, and I’m showing favoritism. So, we should shut it down, because of my ex’s decision to create a tradition without considering my other kid’s feelings. I disagree since I do consider the 3 of them. But he asked if we could so something else, like the Elf on the shelf. I had no problem with it, but I didn’t know how that works. He explained it to me quickly, and since he was the one who offered, I let him do it.”

Enter Bob, the family’s new resident Elf.

Unfortunately, this dad’s idea of fun Elf antics involved waiting for the children to misbehave and then setting Bob loose in cruel ways. He literally cut big holes in his five-year-old daughter’s favourite pyjama onesie while she was sleeping in it and drew all over his nine-year-old son’s face with black sharpies.

But he saved the biggest prank for his step son, Andy, who was on his best behaviour to avoid being pranked by the elf.

“It’s Christmas Eve and in the afternoon we had some of Andy’s friends to celebrate his birthday. So the kids were playing in the backyard. But my husband looked sus. I decided to look for Bob.

“It was supposed to be in the kitchen but it wasn’t there, I asked Miles where it was and he told me “no idea”. I started getting paranoid, but Andy asked me if we could cut the cake already.”

After bringing the cake out for the birthday boy to celebrate his special day, things took an unexpectedly cruel turn.

“The cake was in a box, and when Andy opened the box. He starts crying. I take a look and it’s ruined. “Bob” was covered in all of it, appearing he had been eating the cake. Half of the cake wasn’t there anymore. Miles starts laughing and so did some of the other parents.

“My blood is boiling and I grab Bob and throw it in the trash, Then I grabbed Miles. We have a terrible argument, calls me an asshole for what I did to Bob, that I’ve ruined it, how are we supposed to keep the “magic” with our kids if I wasn’t supposed to touch Bob?”

Lucky for Andy, his mum has her head screwed on straight and after reassuring him that Santa still remembered his special boy, she comforted him saying that he didn’t send the naughty elf to attack him for no reason on his birthday. The boy was so distraught that his siblings refused to leave his side that night, choosing to sleep in his room until Christmas morning.

How this man thought that his psychological and emotional abuse of his children in the name of pranks was ever okay is totally beyond reason. What a cruel man.

Source: Reddit and Giphy

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Jill Slater

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