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Mum Gets Rid of Daughter’s Baby Formula to Encourage Her to Breastfeed

Mum Gets Rid of Daughter’s Baby Formula to Encourage Her to Breastfeed

While we all know there is no ‘right way’ to feed your baby one overbearing mum thought otherwise and took matters into her own hands after discovering her daughter was supplementing breastfeeding with formula.

“My mum sucks. This whole situation sucks,” the woman wrote on Reddit. Describing her mum, the woman said she was pushy with her ideas. In fact when she became vegan she expected the whole family to do the same. She “flipped her lid when we didn’t immediately switch our diets over,” the Original Poster wrote in her post in Reddit’s r/JUSTNOMIL forum. “I mean she threw out hundreds of dollars of groceries. She drinks apple cider vinegar for the health benefits, etc. She’s just a barrel of nuts.”

And while the new mum can handle her now vegan-mum she will not tolerate being told how to feed her 6 week old baby. “My baby will literally fall asleep at the boob and I can pump maybe 1 — 2oz out of each boob,” the OP wrote. “It just isn’t enough for her and sometimes my breastmilk gives her gas, runny poops and she spits up a LOT.”

To help, the woman uses expensive hypoallergenic baby formula which she pays for herself. “At the hospital I had a lactation consultation tell me that I would never successfully breastfeed but also made me do triple feeding and I had to sign a waiver to get formula at the hospital,” she explained.

She saves every penny of her part-time job to pay rent to her parents and supporting her newborn daughter, but to pay for the formula she relies on government assistance.

“I have never asked them for financial help with my baby,” she added. “Neither of my parents have ever offered to watch my baby and I’ve never asked. It’s not their job to raise my baby.”

So she can’t understand why her mum is so hell bent on getting rid of the baby formula. “She’s made jokes about throwing away formula and telling me to toughen up and has been making me lactation cookies and all this woo-woo stuff that just doesn’t help at all,” she wrote. “I’ve tried setting boundaries and telling her to ease off but she will pull the ‘It’s our house and we can make you leave any time’ so I have to tread lightly.”

Things came to a head one day when the mum was at a medical appointment and returned home to find all her formula gone.

“I asked my mum did she move them or what was going on,” she said. “My mum got all giddy and explained that while I was gone she donated all of my baby’s formula to the local women’s shelter.”

“When I asked her why the f— did she do that her answer was that there are other women who need it more and I just need to try harder at breastfeeding,” she continued. “That I’m lazy and I need to eat more greens to produce more breastmilk.”

Not surprisingly the woman was furious at her mum for donating all her expensive baby formula. “I was able to get ahold of my baby’s pediatrician and got one sample can and was able to pump a 2 oz bottle for her,” she wrote. “The shelter will not give back the ‘donated’ formula unless I can prove that it was stolen which would just mean that I have to take out a police report on my mum.”
Commenters quickly jumped to the woman’s defence saying the mum had absolutely no right to take anything away.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no. She is a huge a–hole,” one commenter said. “I just want to say that even if you CHOSE to formula feed over breast feed, that would be perfectly fine!!!”

“Oh my goodness. Your mum is an absolutely nightmare and a crap human being. What kind of person stea[l]s from a baby?!” someone else agreed. “Firstly, you’re not a bad mum. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. Breastfeeding is HARD. I couldn’t breastfeed my little one so she went full time with formula. She’s a happy, healthy toddler now.”

“Wow that’s awful,” someone else adde. “What kind of horrid woman would try to starve her infant grandchild? I’m really sorry … maybe try to hide it somewhere. I hope you get out of there soon …”

In an updated post the woman said she had come up with a temporary solution until she’s able to move out. “I’m buying a lock box for her formula so my mum can never pull this again,” she wrote.


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