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6 Undeniably Good Reasons to Add a Stylish Sun Hat to Your Summer Outfit

If you have yet to invest in a good quality sun hat as part of your sun protection plan for summer, consider this a timely reminder. Besides adding an unmistakable touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, regularly wearing a sun hat can have a myriad of benefits.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Arguably the most important reason to wear a sun hat of course is to protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays. A sunhat with a UPF 50+ rating can block out 98% of the sun’s UVB rays making them a particularly effective way to protect areas such as nose, ears, lips, face, and neck which are most commonly affected by skin cancer.

Prevent Skin Damage

Besides skin cancer, sun hats can also help to prevent other types of skin damage such as sunburn, age spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Keep your skin looking healthy and youthful by shading your face with a stylish sun hat.

Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Does the summer weather put a strain on your usually luscious locks leaving them dryer and more brittle than usual? Adding a sun hat to your everyday ensemble can protect your hair from the sun, allowing it to retain that all-important moisture and prevent unsightly split ends and breakage. Wearing a sun hat may mean fewer trips to the hairdressers too as they can also prevent colour fading!

The Noosa sun visor from Tina M Copenhagen

Protect Your Eyes

It is imperative to good eye health to protect  them from the suns UV rays. Not only can the sun’s glare cause discomfort such as eyestrain which can lead to headaches and fatigue, it can also cause damage to your eyes. Wearing a sunhat and sunglasses can block the UV rays and help to reduce your risk of developing cataracts.

Help You Stay Cooler

A UPF50+ rated sunhat made from a breathable material that allows airflow can be a great way to stay cool and comfortable in the sun.

The Cuba wide brim trilby

Make Your Outfit Pop

With all the safety reasons covered, let’s not forget the fashion aspect to picking out a sun hat to suit your individual style and personality. A carefully chosen sun hat can become a statement piece to any outfit and can add an air of effortless style and elegance.

Remember to combine your sun hat with sunglasses and sunscreen! 

What to Look for When Choosing a Sun Hat

Not all sun hats are created equal. When choosing sun safe headwear consider:

  • UPF rating
  • Wide Brim
  • Breathable material
  • Adjustable Fit

The Sun Hats We Love

The great thing about sun hats is that they come in a wide variety of styles, so it’s easy to find one for every style and occasion. Here’s some of our favourites that combine function and fashion from the renowned Australian owned and Danish design inspired brand Tina M Copenhagen.

Made from sustainably-sourced Madagascan raffia, the Rio features a ComfyFit size adjuster for your ultimate style and comfort.

Rio – Wide Brim Trilby

Striking and sophisticated, the Australian-made Rio wide brim trilby is made from durable and sustainable crocheted Madagascan raffia and finished with a statement leather belt. The classic, pinch-front crown and wide brim offers elegance and stylish sophistication for all occasions.

Featuring a drawstring size adjustment for the perfect fit, the Dallas comes in old rose, denim, natural or taupe.

Dallas – Cowboy

Breathable and lightweight the Dallas cowboy is made from the finest Madagascan raffia and is finished with a combination of tonal beaded stones and multi-strands of fine coated leather cord around the crown. Fitted with Japanese wire in the brim, this versatile style is customisable to elevate any outfit.

This statement piece is expertly fitted with Japanese wire to provide styling flexibility for the brim. Choose from denim or chocolate.

Kathleen – Raffia Fedora

The stylish and fabulous Australian-made Kathleen wide brim fedora is made from Madagascan raffia which offers UPF50+ sun protection and is coupled with a stylish 100% leather belt trim.

Made from the finest hand-crocheted Madagascan raffia around the crown the Cecila will impress.

Cecilia – Raffia Breton

A stunning statement piece, the Cecilia raffia Breton is a style that stands the test of time. The brim can be turned down for increased sun protection.

A perennial favourite, the York can be rolled up for travel and comes in three different colours each with their own unique trim.

York – Cloche

Timeless with a modern twist, the Australian-made York cloche boasts a bucket shape that is beautifully crafted from the very finest sustainably harvested Madagascan raffia.

The Sage will be your cutest beach companion this Summer.

Sage – Corduroy Bucket

The adorably trendy Sage corduroy bucket hat is versatile and perfect fit for a day at the beach and everyday outings. The crushable material makes the Sage the perfect travel companion and the UPF50+ rating will keep you safe from the sun.


Didn’t see anything to suit your individual style? Head to Tina M Copenhagen to shop the entire 2023/24 collection.

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