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8 Totally Drool-Worthy Cadbury Creme Egg Desserts

Cadbury Creme Egg Dessert Recipes

Cadbury Creme Eggs… you either love them or you hate them. In fact, they’re quite possibly the most divisive type of chocolate in the world – and that’s really saying something! Those who love them are addicted to their creamy, gooeyness and those who hate them gag at the mere sight. So this post is for all of you Cadbury Creme Egg lovers out there. And we know that there are lots and lots of you!

Sure you can eat a Cadbury Creme Egg on it’s own and it will be totally delicious. BUT! Add it to one of these amazingly drool-worthy desserts and you won’t know what to do with yourself. Seriously! These desserts are ridiculously over the top, totally calorie laden… and most of all, insanely good.

So strap yourself in (and loosen your belt), this is going to be one sugar-filled ride.

Let’s start off with a Cadbury Creme Egg cheesecake. Ok cheesecake all on it’s own is awesome, but this is out of this world! Does anybody else just want to sit in a corner and eat this whole thing with a spoon… or is it just me??


Taming Twins

If that’s not enough sugar for you, then you should really try these brownies stuffed with Cadbury Creme Eggs. OMG. Check out that rich, dense chocolate brownie layer!


Pixelated Crumb

What’s the only thing that could make a delicious chocolate cupcake even better? Umm… a huge Cadbury Creme Egg in the middle. This takes the meaning of ooey, gooey, oh-so-yummy cupcakes to a whole other level.


Taming Twins

For a truly decadent dessert, you really can’t go past a Creme Egg Chocolate Fondants. Not only do you get that ridiculously rich chocolate taste, but the combination of the warm Creme Egg is AMAZING!


Maybe you just love Cadbury Creme Eggs so much that you want to make your own. And why not! These little babies are filled with cream cheese and lots of other calorific goodness!

Paging Fun Mums

For an over-the-top Easter dessert that’s sure to wow your friends and family, you must, must, MUST try this Creme Egg Chocolate Drizzle Cake…. and then go and run 150km!


Great British Chefs

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And this is majorly drool-worthy stuff! Imagine delicious chocolate ice cream with Creme Eggs scattered through… sounds like heaven to me!

Culinary Concoctions

For the perfect little gift (haha as if you would ever give this totally drool-worthy treat away!), why not make a batch of Creme Egg Fudge. This stuff is addictive!


Great British Chefs


Are you a Cadbury Creme Egg fan too? Which dessert have you been left drooling over?

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Cadbury Creme Egg

Lucy Mathieson

Lucy Mathieson

Lucy is a trained primary school teacher with a passion for baking. Lucy began her blog, Bake Play Smile, in 2013 and it has since grown into one of Australia’s most recognised food blogs. Bake Play Smile is all about fun, food and happiness. Lucy’s recipes have earned national acclaim through a number of awards and publications. She was a winner of the 2015 Best Recipes ‘Home Cook Hero’ competition in Super Food Ideas magazine, a Top 5 Finalist for the 2014 Mamamia Food Blogger Competition, a Top 5 Food Blogger on Every Recipe, and a Kidspot “Voices of 2014″ nominee.

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