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The Top Ten Ways to Tell You Haven’t Been Getting Enough Sleep.

oh my gosh I am so tired

1.Two of your three meals for the day are coffee. Along with morning and afternoon tea.
2. You leave the house with your top on inside out. Despite looking in a number of mirrors since dressing you don’t realize until someone else points it out to you.

3. You’ve called your children the wrong names so many times that you’re not even sure what the right ones are any more.

4. You feel hungover every morning without having had anything to drink.

5. If you do have a drink you’re off your head two sips in. 

6.I’d love a drink actually.

7. You’re having trouble following the plot of whatever is on TV. Yo Gabba Gabba makes your head spin a full 360 degrees.

8. And what’s with that Night Garden?!

9. Counting is a skill long forgotten, and writing is jugethshktfvethdhjr

10. Sorry what was your name again? Double shot latte with two please.


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