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“I Left Nair Hair Remover in the Shower and My 6-Year-Old Niece Used it as Shampoo!”

A fifteen-year-old girl has taken to Reddit to find out if she is at fault after her niece mistakenly used the Nair hair remover that she kept in her shower as shampoo. Eeeek!

My sisters family are staying with us because our brother is getting married. They’re using my bathroom while they’re here. I keep a bottle of nair in my shower. My niece (age 6) used it as shampoo. She didn’t know what it was and the words “hair remover” are small tbf and she’s not the best reader. She didn’t have it in long enough to remove all her hair, but it has a few patches missing. The hair that’s still there is this awful texture and is brittle. My sister is thinking they’re going to have to cut it off and my niece is really upset because she doesn’t want to lose her hair. She’s supposed to be the flower girl at the wedding btw.

My sister says it’s my fault and is really mad at me for leaving it in the shower in reach of her kids. She says I should have known better than to have stuff like this around when there are little kids around. I told her I don’t know why she would think that I don’t have kids and I haven’t even watched kids before. She said it was obvious and Im either being an idiot or vindictive because I had to give up my room. Which isn’t true. I didn’t like having to give up my room, but I didn’t try to make her daughter bald.

A few people agreed with the mum and thought that leaving the product in reach of a child was irresponsible.

YTA. I use hair removal creams, the directions literally say; DO NOT LEAVE IN REACH OF CHILDREN. Yet, you still left it in reach of children, knowing they were coming to stay. She is a 6yo, who is LEARNING to read, and doesn’t understand those words yet; she’s had an avoidable accident because an adult didn’t follow the directions of the product correctly.

If you were my sister; you’d paying for her to see a wig specialist, to get her whatever hair she wanted before the wedding, and until it grows back. (MoonLenati93)


However, the majority of people were of the opinion that it was the mother’s responsibility to check the shower and child-proofing the area before allowing her daughter to get in.

Why would they let a 6 year old shower alone with no supervision? A 6 year old isn’t capable of cleaning themselves completely imo. They should have stayed with their child and ensured she not only got clean, but that she didn’t touch anything she shouldn’t touch. (Mona_Lotte)

NTA. As a parent, it is my responsibility to make sure any home I bring my kids to is childproof. While my kids were showing alone by 6, they would have been suing products WE brought and not products left behind in someone else’s home. They would have known better not to touch things that didn’t belong to them and I, as a diligent parent, would have seen it when I went into the “strange” bathroom with them to help them get undressed, turn the water on, etc.

You shouldn’t be blamed for her poor parenting skills. (HelpfulMaybeMama)


NTAH. I have 3 kids and my youngest has just turned 7. Up until last year my sister still lived with my mum, and if we were there and the kids needed showers, I would go in first, take anything of my sisters that the kids couldn’t touch, like expensive salon shampoos, and put them on the bench. Chuck the stuff in that the kids can use, and off they go. Once they are done I put my sisters stuff back. It’s not weird to have a kid shower at that age alone, but your sister should have explained to her do not use any of the things in the shower except this and this because it’s aunty whoever’s stuff. (Public_Point_1808)

As other people pointed out, there could also have been other hazardous items in the shower that were potentially dangerous to a young child.

Nta. Your sister should have checked the shower before letting her daughter shower. There could have been a razor on there which could have seriously injured her. (nolamom0811)

NTA. If you had brought the product into her house and left it in the shower then you would be the AH. But the fact is she came to your house. When I am a guest or hotel for that matter I always escort the little ones to the bathroom to adjust the water temperature when they take a bath and check out the products. (Visual-Shopping-6295)

Commenters felt that the little girl’s mum was lashing out at her younger sister because she didn’t want to face the fact that she hadn’t done her due diligence as a parent and was looking for someone else to take the blame.


Tell your sister to get bent. It’s her job to scope out the area first and make sure everything is cool.

She’s just trying to make you the scapegoat, so she doesn’t feel guilty about not paying attention. (tewpacolypse) 

What do you think? Is the teenager old enough to know not to leave potentially dangerous items around her niblings, or was the responsibility to check on the parents?

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