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People Share How Trusting a Gut Feeling Saved Their Life or Someone Else’s

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right? Or an intuitive niggle in the back of your mind telling you not to go somewhere or do something? Trusting your gut can sometimes change the course of your life as these incredible stories can attest to.

I was pregnant in the very early weeks (5/6 weeks), and started getting these intense pains on the right side of my abdomen. Like so extremely painful that I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t make noise or move.

Went to my doctor the next day, and he said I was being hysterical and it’s completely normal to be in pain when you’re pregnant. He refused to get me to an OBGYN, and said I could go private if it was such a big deal.

Went to a private scan, and my pregnancy was ectopic (stuck in my fallopian tube), and my tube had ruptured and I was bleeding internaly. Was rushed to hospital, and had surgery to remove my tube that night.

If I hadn’t booked that scan I would have died in my sleep that night due to internal bleeding.

Edit: Wow thanks for all the upvotes, it really makes me feel seen and heard 🫶🏻 (Murky_Conclusion4210)


Husband went to pick up takeout in the winter while it was snowy. As he was leaving he got a feeling to stay inside the restaurant and not go to his car. So he stayed for an extra minute and right then a van slid on the ice and hit his car on the driver’s side where he would have been had he gone out. (RepairContent268)

Driving uphill behind a flatbed truck carrying I-beams and I envisioned them sliding off the truck and hitting my windshield. I changed lanes so I wasn’t behind the truck and two seconds later, the I-beams were sliding off onto the road where my car would’ve been, sparking and gouging the pavement. Terrifying. To this day, I won’t stay behind a truck with anything that’s “strapped down.” (Infj-kc)

One night when my youngest child was a baby I had put him in his crib while I gave his brother a bath. I had my back to the bathroom door and I felt someone aggressively tap my shoulder. I turned around but there wasn’t anyone there. Freaking out I grabbed my son out of the bath and took him in my bedroom (where my other son was at) and my baby had somehow gotten ahold of a blanket (one of the small baby blankets) and somehow gotten it wrapped around his head. He was trying to cry but I guess he had been rolling around and that blanket was wrapped around his head and he couldn’t hardly breath. If I hadn’t felt that tap on my shoulder I would have been in the bathroom for at least 10 more minutes. I don’t know if it was a feeling that made me think I felt someone touch me or what, but I believe it saved my son. He’s now an annoying 18 year old. Lol (Lilyrose32)

My wife was going to go on a road trip with friends down to a bigger city for a concert. She had done this several times before. Friends were close friends of ours but for some reason, I felt off about it that one day. I said to her ‘babe, I don’t know why and you can ignore me if you’d like. but I don’t think you should go. I don’t know why, but i feel like something is going to happen’ She knows I’d never tell her not to do anything she wanted. It was out of the blue and out of character for me. So she decided to stay home and watch movies with me. About 2 hours later after the rest of the crew left, we got a phone call that they had gotten into a severe accident. 2 friends in the hospital and someone from the other vehicle dead on scene. Had she gone along, she would have been sitting in the seat where they had been hit by the other driver and most likely killed.

Someone, somewhere, somehow was warning me. And I’m glad we both listened to it. (Sperryxd)

Went to the gas station for snacks & something just told me to park in the spot second from the door instead of the one directly in front. About, 15 mins later, a truck comes flying through that very spot & into the door & out the back wall. Most surreal moment of my life. (Cautious-Apartment-9)


Weird intuition runs in my family. I have tons of stories of super weird shit I “predicted” when I was a kid that I ended up coming true. And of course instances as an adult of being right about gut feelings many times, but my favorite story is:

Everyone was at home but my brother. I was chilling in the living room and my mom was in her room. My mom comes BARRELING out of her room out of breath in absolute panic. Grabbing my arms and going “When’s the last time you talked to brother?!?!” I told her to relax and that he had JUST left for a ride on his motorcycle. She wouldn’t relax and made everyone call him and she called him multiple times. At first he wouldn’t pick up, but then he finally did. He had been hit by an SUV maybe five miles from our house and the SUV took off. He ended up in a ditch, but he was wearing his protective gear and thankfully the car hit the bike not him. Just a couple bruises, thankfully. But somehow she knew the moment it happened.

Mothers truly know everything. She said a lot of stuff that seemed extremely odd and like she was completely out of it when she was dying in the hospital, and some of that ended up being true too. (Sad-Cobbler4549)

My mom and grandpa were putting out a kiddie pool for my siblings and I in our backyard when we were little. My grandpa had set it up, and my mom kept insisting that for some reason she felt like they should move it to a different spot. Thankfully they did, and while we were all playing in the pool, a huge branch from a tree in our yard snapped and came crashing down exactly where the pool had originally been. (WaitWut7)

When I was about 7 I was by all accounts an extremely trusting kid. One day when my dad was out with my brother going to his frisbee game (my dad coached) they took me and my dog too and I stood on the sidelines. For context the field is about two soccer fields next to each other and it’s fenced all the way around by a metal wire fence. I was sitting with my dog outside this fence and my dad was a considerable distance away from me and couldn’t really see me as they had to go to the middle of the field. A random man came up to me and asked to pet my dog and of course I let him and started rattling off facts about her. He told me that he wanted to get a dog but he was nervous and wanted to see how they were first. I told him my dog is very nice so he could practice with her. He asked me if he could walk her around the park area and I (completely straying from my usual instincts) told him I wasn’t sure how she would react to other people. He told me it was fine and that I could walk along with him. This seemed completely reasonable to my 7 year old self and I agreed and he told me to come over to his car where he had dog treats. Something clicked in my mind and I told him that my dad was probably worrying about where I was by now. His face went GHOST WHITE and he sprinted away. I thought nothing of it and didn’t even tell my dad about the whole interaction until I saw his face on tv. He had been caught after kidnapping and killing a child. (Due_Worldliness_6587)


I was riding my motorcycle on the highway. In front of me was a pickup truck with some nice wooden kitchen cabinets on it. It gave me a bad feeling so I dropped behind it like25 meters, much to the anger of the car behind me. However a minute later, one of the cabinets bounced up and out of the back of the truck and smashed into the highway, since I gave him ample space, I was easily able to avoid the debris. (ClownfishSoup)

Not me but a very good friend of mine.

Was driving back from a gig about 2 hours away. He felt this soft voice say into his ear, “Pull over,” so he moved into the slow lane of the motorway. As he did this, his clutch failed.

Another time, he was approaching a large roundabout. He envisaged an articulated lorry coming round the roundabout the wrong way. He paused. Sure enough. Lorry is coming the wrong way.

He lost his dad at a young age. Maybe it was his father looking out for him. (Bluntsoundz)


Not me, but my mom when I was a kid.

She came home in the middle of the day, and our family dog just seemed OFF when she greeted her at the door. She wouldn’t settle down, wouldn’t leave my mom alone and just seemed agitated.

Now she was an extremely anxious dog who’d get terrified by the most innocuous things, so my mom easily could’ve just written this off as our pup being her anxious self. But my mom couldn’t shake the feeling that she was desperately trying to TELL her something, so she loudly declared in a sing-song voice that it was time to go for a nice long walk, then she left the house and called my dad.

When he got home, the door to our basement was wide open and a bunch of electronics were missing. And the stereo in my bedroom upstairs had partially dissembled. So we figure that when she walked in the front door (on the main floor of the house), there were at least two burglars in the house with her. One in the basement below who ran out the back door, and another that was in my room upstairs who ended up trapped by my mom’s arrival, and didn’t leave until my mom loudly announced she was leaving with the dog.

Who knows what would’ve happened if she hadn’t listened to her instincts and had ended up running into the burglar upstairs. (Yarbooey)

I was around 19 and at my girlfriends house, when her older sister announced she was going on a date with a new guy. He came to the house and said hi to everyone but something didn’t sit right with me about him so I insisted we go out with them. The night went without fuss and sister thanked us for coming but asked why on the way home, I explained and she just laughed. 2 weeks later he was arrested for the rape and murder of another girl. (beardedfool21)

Have you ever saved yours or someone else’s life after trusting your intuition?

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