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Anastacia Reveals Double Mastectomy

Anastacia the American singer has just announced that she is recovering from a double mastectomy.

I had no idea! The 45 year old singer was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and was told she had it again earlier this year.

Anastacia Reveals Double Mastectomy

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As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month she wanted to tell people her story to create awareness, and help others. One thing in the NineMSN article, she mentions that both times cancer was found, it was found early. Early detection is key to saving lives.

Have you been checked? Do you get checked at the doctors? Would you know what to do or what to look for? has a great step by step guide you can do yourself. An Australian site, Breast Cancer Aware in WA, have a great list of what to look for and if you have any doubts or concerns see your doctor. Remember the earlier you get something like this dealt with the better the outcome will be.

I applaud Anastacia for coming forward with her story, a public figure can influence people so much. If her story saves lives it is well worth sharing. It is very similar to when Angelina Jolie had her double mastectomy, she acted and did what she thought was right. Better to deal with the situation now rather than it creates huge problems later.

Having a double mastectomy is major surgery and it would be very emotional and hard.

It would be hard to make that decision to lose a part of you, but gaining a great life with less threat of illness is the best outcome. If I was in the same situation I think it would be horrible, but I would lose my boobs to have more time with my family and my gorgeous girls. Wouldn’t you?

Have you found celebrities inspiring when they reveal that they have had a double mastectomy? Or do you find such stories not that wondrous due to the fact that others have had the same thing happen to them and they are not in the news.

I think that hearing about celebrities having real life issues and especially dealing with a shocking illness like breast cancer makes them more human and real to us. If it makes one extra person go and get checked, it is worth it. Don’t you think?

Let us know your thoughts.

More about Suzanne Robinson:

I am a mother to five year old identical twin girls, who keep me very busy. On top of looking after the girls. I blog at “Mummy to Twins”, I’m also a social media manager. I attempt to keep the house clean and tidy, and I try to fit in some me time as well.

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