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You Can Dive Into a Pool of Sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream

pool of sprinkles

New York is known as the place dreams are made of and this summer it’s going to turn ice cream lover’s dreams come true with the offer a Museum of Ice Cream –“ a lick-able, likeable, shareable ice cream-centric experience!”

The museum is a wonderland on the frozen dessert, with exhibits include exclusive taste tests of ice cream by food scientist Dr. Irwin Adam, a chocolate room, ice cream scooper see-saw, edible balloons and a giant pool of rainbow sprinkles that you can DIVE into! (The sprinkles aren’t real, that would be dangerous kids!)

ice cream

The museum has been created by a collective of artists, designers and ice cream enthusiasts, in a pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District of NY.

It’s like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs come true for lovers of ice cream!

The museum is the first concept of its kind and is only running for a month from July 29 to August 31 – during New York’s summer.

We hope the museum travels down under for our summer because we all scream for ice-cream when the heat is on.

Or is that just my kids?

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard is a plumber by day and stylist by night but these days she changes more nappies than washers. She is a happily married mum to three young daughters who she styles on a regular basis. Rebecca is not only an award winning plumber, she also writes an award winning blog called The Plumbette where she shares her life experiences as a plumber and mother. Rebecca also blogs at Styled by Bec believing a girl can be both practical and stylish. Links to the blogs are and

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