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Grumpy Grandpa Shares Artwork On Instagram to Connect With His Grandchildren

grumpy grandpa instagram

A 75-year-old grandpa has learned how to use Instagram to connect with his grandchildren.

Chan Jae Lee is known as the grumpy grandpa who has become famous for sharing his artwork on Instagram to keep in touch with his grandchildren who live overseas. The Instagram account is called Drawings For My Grandchildren and so far has over 156k followers.

The 75-year old Grandpa is from South Korea but lives in Brazil. His whole life used to center around his grandchildren – he would take them to school, ate lunch with them and picked them from school. And then his daughter decided to move back to South Korea.

Lee’s days would be filled with watching television. To get him out of the rut, his family suggested he share his drawings on Instagram.

Lee’s son Ji told NPR, “He didn’t understand … why would anybody be interested in looking at his drawings?”

“My father really hated the idea of drawing again.”

Despite the resistance, Lee started to draw and his wife would upload to Instagram. It felt like a lot of effort and when Lee decided to stop, Ji had a son called Astro.

Kids are going to school together. “Hold my hand tight.” Dad and the big brother are making the little one feel safe. #drawing #watercolor #kids #school #dad #bigbrother Crianças indo para escola. “É preciso dar as mãos” na hora de atravessar a rua. O pai e o irmão mais velho dão a segurança. #criança #paraescola #atravessararua #paieirmao #seguranca 학교 가는 아이들. 큰길을 건너 가며 “손 꼭 잡아야 해” . 든든한 아빠, 든든한 형 #등교길 #아빠와형 #꼭잡은손 by @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

Lee and his wife travelled to New York to meet their new grandson and grumpy grandpa told Ji he wouldn’t get to see Astro grow up. Ji explained how sharing paintings on Instagram would allow him to connect with his grandchildren in the future.

And so the idea was reignited and Lee started to draw and paint and get them art uploaded to his Instagram page.

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What makes this little boy so curious? I’m also curious. What is this little boy looking at? I also want to see it together. #drawing #watercolor Que menino curioso! Também fiquei curioso. O que ele está olhando? Quero ver também! by @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

Ji taught his dad the basics of Instagram and found himself getting frustrated with his dad’s inability to get the hang of the photo sharing app.

“I caught myself getting annoyed at him, saying ‘Oh my god I told [you] like 20 times, how can you not get this!’ And I had to tell myself, ‘OK, you have to calm down and slow down, because he just doesn’t know,” Ji explained. “He wants to learn, it’s just extremely difficult for him.’”

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She’s not a real panda’s mom, but the baby panda must feel peaceful in her arm. How wonderful is it? #drawing #watercolor #panda O bebê panda deve estar se sentindo tão confortável no colinho de mãe mesmo não sendo sua mãe. Ainda bem… 팬더. 엄마 아닌 엄마지만 그 품이 있어 애기 팬더는 편안함을 느낄거야. 얼마나 다행인가? by @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

Ji and Lee spent a week doing Instagram training. Lee found the hashtag function the hardest, but it finally clicked with Ji looked up #watercolor and showed how the hashtag picked up other organized pictures.

“Oh my god, that’s fun!” Lee said. “There are amazing watercolor drawings!”

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Baby is sleeping. Astro is in a deep sleep. Peace is embracing Astro. #drawing #watercolor O bebê está dormindo. O Astro está dormindo tranquilamente. A paz está abraçando o pequeno Astro. 애기가 잔다. 아로가 곤하게 자고 있다. 평화가 아로를 감싸준다. by @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

Even though Lee shares his art work specifically for his grandchildren, he has fans worldwide.

“This project really changed the life of my father and my family,” Ji reported. “The most rewarding thing so far has been receiving hundreds and hundreds of messages from people who said, ‘Your story’s inspired me so much to talk to my parents who are old, who used to paint or used to take photos, and I’m going to now talk to them and teach them how to use Instagram.’”

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard is a plumber by day and stylist by night but these days she changes more nappies than washers. She is a happily married mum to three young daughters who she styles on a regular basis. Rebecca is not only an award winning plumber, she also writes an award winning blog called The Plumbette where she shares her life experiences as a plumber and mother. Rebecca also blogs at Styled by Bec believing a girl can be both practical and stylish. Links to the blogs are and

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