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Identical Twins Who Share A Fiance Also Want To Share Each Other’s Babies

Identical Twins Who Share A Fiance Also Want To Share Each Other’s Babies


Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, have left their family shocked after revealing they plan to have babies at the same time and share parenting roles.

The two Aussie women have been with the same man for nearly 10 years. Electrician Ben Byrne, has featured alongside the twins on TLC’s Extreme Sisters show documenting their unusual lives.

In past episodes we’ve seen the sisters undertake surgery in order to look even more identical, as well as watching them eat exactly the same amount of food so they weigh the same. The two are so obsessed with being identical that they say they could never date two different men because that would feel unnatural.

In a most recent episode, the 35-year-olds are having a conversation with their families about their plans to fall pregnant at the same time and how they want to raise each other’s babies like their own.

“We would look after each other’s baby,” Anna tells their mum.

“I’ll probably think what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, that’s how it would be,” Lucy says.

Anna then explains neither of them would think, “this is my baby and that’s your baby”, with Lucy agreeing. “We would share babies.”

Their mum is opposed to the idea and tells them how harmful this will be to their kids. “No, if Lucy had a baby, Lucy’s the mother,” their mum said.

“If you [Anna] had a baby, Anna’s the mother.”

The mum went on to explain that for the child’s “mental stability” the baby would “need to know who its mother is”.

Anna stood her ground saying she wants their babies to have “two mums and one dad”, to which she was told by their family it was “strange”.


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When the episode aired, commenters were quick to defend the sisters saying there was nothing wrong with their baby arrangement.

“Of course a baby can have two mums, even if it seems strange to you it doesn’t mean that you can have a say,” one woman wrote.

“This is wrong on sooooo many levels,” another agreed.

“I agree with them, babies can never have too much love and care,” one person said.

“Might not be for everyone but they aren’t doing anything wrong,” one commented.

“That’s a great support system,” another wrote.

While one mum said: “My kids have a mum and a step mum, having two mums that love you seems like a bonus to me.”

What do you think of this arrangement? They do say it takes a village to raise a child!

Images: Instagram

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