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Man Insists on Pooping Every Single Time His Partner Takes a Relaxing Bath

Man Insists on Pooping Every Single Time His Partner Takes a Relaxing Bath

Imagine living in a nice apartment with your fully-grown significant other and realising that you cannot take a relaxing bath in your only bathroom without your partner insisting on sitting on the toilet right next to the bath and taking a big poop.

Every time.

While many might call this a deal-breaker, the poor woman that this keeps happening to is considering her options. She recently shared her absurd predicament with Reddit in an attempt to get her head around her partner’s apparent need to invade her relaxation time with his literal shit.

What an inconsiderate arse.

This certainly would not fly in my house. I don’t mind if you want to come in and do a little wee, but there is no way on this earth that I would stand for someone taking a stinky dump in the same room as me, bath or not!

Redditors were quick to share their opinions on this man’s vulgar habit.

“If you were being literal that he does this EVERY time you’re in the bath, he’s doing it deliberately. Lock the door,” wrote one of the top commenters.

“I want NO ONE around when I’m going, nor do I want to be around anyone when they are going. That’s just nasty.” added another.

“Your husband is doing this on purpose to bother you,” penned someone else. “And who TF needs company on the toilet?”

If this poor woman has asked him repeatedly to stop and has even shifted her bath times around in an attempt to avoid her partner’s stinky visits, he’s definitely doing it on purpose. This display of disrespect for her wishes could only end in separation. He simply does not care about her enough to change his vile ways and clearly doesn’t care.

Throw the whole revolting man away as he appears irredeemable.



Source: Reddit/Am I the Asshole

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Jill Slater

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