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Neighbour Reports Man’s Christmas Lights For Being Over The Top

Neighbour Reports Man’s Christmas Lights For Being Over The Top

For most people, Christmas is a time to spread goodwill and cheer. Except for this Scrooge! He went and reported his neighbour for having too many Christmas lights. Seriously.

The area the man lived in had a housing association that only allowed a certain number of lights to be displayed. Apparently one neighbour put out one fairy light too many and totally pissed off the Grinch.

Taking to Reddit the man described how bullied he felt when he was told to take down his Christmas decorations. Apparently they broke the housing association rule and were too over the top.

Posting anonymously, he said: “The woman who I deal with the most when I upset them came by on November 30 and told me my lights were against the policy and that I was not allowed to have as many lights up as I do. I also told her that I didn’t care about their rules that the lights could only be on during certain hours and that once done putting them up on the 30th I would likely turn them on and leave them on till Christmas.”

“I told her that we have been over this before, that I am in no way beholden to their policies and don’t care,” he continued. “I told her that my nieces and nephews loved lights so I would be putting up a fair amount.”

The man went on to say that he had been given an information sheet outlining the rules for Christmas lights which included how long they were allowed to stay on for.

“She told me that my breaking the rules upset other members and that I should respect their rules even if I don’t follow them because I technically live in the neighbourhood,” he told Reddit users. “She offered me a flyer which apparently had their rules for lights. I tossed it in the trash and told her to just get off my property. I probably could’ve entertained some of what she asked but I’ve just had enough of them.”

Reddit users were quick to comment saying how unreasonable they thought the neighbour was being.

“Your neighbours’ kids probably love the lights too!” commented one Reddit user. While another said: “Make sure you leave them up at least a week after their imposed deadline then leave just one strand up for several weeks after that just to remind them you could keep those lights up all year if you wanted.”

“I’m so tired of unhappy people trying to ruin Christmas for others. I guarantee you will bring way more cheer and happiness than you will upset people” added a third.


(The images above are not of the house mentioned in the story.)

Images: Pixabay

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