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Public Pool Issues Dress Code for Patrons and Australia Is Not Happy

Public Pool Issues Dress Code for Patrons and Australia Is Not Happy


A public pool in Adelaide has angered patrons with their new dress code for swim wear. It seems not all styles of bathing suits are welcome especially for women. Check out what the pool’s response was after the policy triggered a huge backlash online.

The Marion Outdoor Pool in Adelaide shared a guide to appropriate swimwear on it’s Facebook page recently which featured images of the suggested bathing costumes acceptable to be worn at their pool:

“Rashguards or non-transparent t-shirts, boardshorts, speedos, one piece, tankinis, modesty swimsuit, and standard bikini” were among the swimwear deemed suitable.

However, the poster angered a lot of people with commenters saying it all felt very controlling on the pool’s behalf. And let’s not forget the double standard of women not being able to wear revealing bikinis while men can wear tiny speedos.

One wrote: “So, women may be cautioned if they dare wear bikinis, but overweight ‘senior’ males can wear budgie smugglers without fear??”

”Are we seriously telling people what to wear in 2023,” asked another.

While one person wrote: “Are we in the 1930’s?”

Others were happy to see the end of Brazilian style bikinis on women with one person noting: “I don’t know, my 10-year-old wasn’t impressed with the G-strings coming through the centre?”

A few days after the post was shared online, management at the Marion Outdoor Pool tried to explain themselves assuring patrons the issue was NOT with tiny bikinis. In fact it was quite the opposite.

“Wow, our social media post about appropriate swimwear has made a splash! … This is an issue about too much clothing, not too little…. the main concern for staff is patrons wearing too much inappropriate clothing such as tracksuit pants and jeans, particularly ‘jean shorts’ which pose a safety risk.”

In fact they made a note of saying skimpy bikinis were not frowned upon at all.

“No one wearing bikinis – Brazilian-style or otherwise – has been asked to leave the facility.”

Hmmmm…ok. Sounds like someone is trying very hard to talk themselves out of this mess. One commenter summed it up well, saying:

“….If you back up any quicker, you’ll start beeping! Can you please explain why then, your ‘Appropriate Swimwear’ graphic has a caption over the woman wearing a bikini advising ‘Please have fun and consider others’?? And also includes – in the bullet points -to wear ‘modest swimwear’.”

What do you think? Should pools have a dress code?


Images: Facebook and Pixabay

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