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Tattoo Artist Helps Women Regain Confidence by Covering Their Scars With Beautiful Artworks

Tattoo Artist Helps Women Regain Confidence by Covering Their Scars With Beautiful Artworks

People living with visible scars often struggle with confidence and sometimes hesitate to reveal their once-damaged skin. Aiming to help women who have burns, scars, and other marks on their skin, a young Vietnamese tattoo artist known as Ngoc Like Tattoo conceals unwanted marks by inking stunning works of art over them.

The Hanoi-based artist is known as ‘a magician’ in the Vietnamese tattooing community, as scars are considered very difficult to deal with, but she always seems to find the best design to perfectly conceal them.

“Every woman is beautiful, I don’t want any woman to struggle with her scars,” Ngoc recently told Vietnamese reporters, adding that she is glad to help her clients regain their confidence.

“It is my hope that our stories can give people a new perspective about the art of tattooing, about its not only superficial but also spiritual healing power,” Ngoc explains.

“I am extremely delighted that I am able to help reduce the stigma of tattooing in Vietnam as well as inspiring so many people struggling with their scars to step up, take charge, close their wounds with a meaningful piece of art and live the happy and fulfilling life that we all deserve to have.”

Ngoc sometimes spends over a dozen hours on a single tattoo, but the results are always absolutely stunning. Oftentimes you can barely tell that there was a scar there at all!

Here are some of her best works of art that have no doubt changed the lives of these women.

Source: Facebook/ Ngoc Like Tattoo


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Jill Slater

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