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Teen Upset That His Parents Moved Their New Baby Into His Bedroom So They Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Teen Upset That His Parents Moved Their New Baby Into His Bedroom So They Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep

It takes a lot of adjustment in the family when a new baby arrives. Children learn their new roles as big brothers and sisters and everyone’s schedules shift slightly around the infant’s needs. Sleepless nights and lots of crying are to be expected.

One couple seemed to have all the answers when they decided to put their new baby’s crib in their teenage son’s bedroom instead of their own, giving themselves weeks of uninterrupted sleep and leaving their son enraged.

Speaking out to see if his solution was unwarranted, the 16-year-old son took to Reddit with his bizarre story.

First of all, his baby sibling is not his responsibility. He didn’t decide to have this child, his parents did. They need to stand up and take care of their newborn and stop inflicting him upon his older brother who has to get a good night’s sleep in order to study and concentrate at school.

Secondly, is there no other room in this house where the baby could sleep? Not in a hallway outside his parent’s room? Not in the living room? Why must he sleep in his older brother’s room if not in his parent’s room?

Look, no one’s saying that those first few months aren’t difficult on everyone in the family, because they are. I always thought I’d have it all together by the time I had my second baby as I’d know exactly what to do. What I didn’t realise was that it was the baby that didn’t know what was what, not me. It takes about six weeks for them to settle into life on the outside, but in the meantime, those weeks can be exhausting for everyone.

Later in the post the teenaged son explained that he often takes his little brother out of the house so his parents can catch a break here and there. He sounds like a good kid that is stuck in a difficult situation that hopefully will improve with some good advice.

And the dad needs to suck it up. He helped make the baby, he doesn’t deserve to get more sleep than anyone else in the family.


Source: Reddit/AITA

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