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Woman Left Disappointed After Being Told The Wrong Embryo Had Been Thawed For Implantation

Woman Left Disappointed After Being Told The Wrong Embryo Had Been Thawed For Implantation


A couple have been left shocked after being told a female embryo had been thawed ready for implantation instead of the male one they had decided on.

Melissa says she thought it was going to be a normal embryo transfer and was just waiting to complete forms about her name and birthdate. What she wasn’t expecting was to be told that the clinic had thawed her female embryo instead of the male one she had asked for.

The mum of one wasn’t new to infertility and in fact had used IVF to conceive their son Jackson. After having their boy, the couple knew they wanted to one day give him a sibling so they decided to fertilise and freeze an additional two embryos: a girl and a boy.


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“We initially decided to transfer the best embryo, which was the girl,” Melissa explained on TikTok. “But then, we thought about it for a day – and we were like, ‘you know what, we would rather have Jackson have a brother close in age’.”

That’s when Melissa let the clinic know that they had changed their minds and wanted to implant the male embryo instead. Imagine her shock when she showed up for her transfer, only to be told that the “wrong embryo” had been “thawed.” Of course she says: “We didn’t feel comfortable refreezing our girl so we had her transferred. It didn’t quite go as planned.” Melissa wanted people to know that she wasn’t “mad” that the wrong embryo had been transferred it just wasn’t what they had planned.

“I don’t have gender disappointment… it’s just that family planning is part of what we pay for with IVF,” she explained. “We chose to choose the gender, so it seems like the ball was dropped somewhere. But going forward, baby girl is a miracle. I just hope she sticks.”


Images: TikTok


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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