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Woman Utterly Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Family’s Thanksgiving but the Internet Says They Totally Deserved It

Woman Utterly Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Family’s Thanksgiving but the Internet Says They Totally Deserved It

A woman has reached a new level of petty that has resulted in her ruining her in-law’s entire Thanksgiving this year, but when she related her story on Reddit, she was not only told she was definitely an asshole, but that she was absolutely justified in her actions.

Sharing her story to the ever-popular Am I The Asshole sub, the woman explained the disastrous events at Thanksgiving:

“I (30f) met my boyfriend (30m) 3 years ago. Before me, he was together with his high school sweetheart. They fell out of love and broke up and a year later we started dating,” she explained. “His mom however was still heartbroken about it. I was very understanding and thought she needed time to get to know me. The ex basically grew up with them and they saw her as a part of the family.

“For the first year of my relationship, his mom would call me ex’s name, until my boyfriend got angry once and told her to be nice. She laughed it off and said it was just a habit. After that, she started calling me the wrong name. (Janet instead of Jenny; fictional names just for the story). I corrected her a couple of times but she seemed to like hurting me so I ignored it later.”

Now that she explained the back story, here comes the fun part.

“My boyfriend has two sisters and a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving we were invited to BBQ at the older sister’s house. I was in the kitchen with my boyfriend’s mom, the sisters and one of their husbands. The older sister then talked about how my boyfriend praised my cooking to her husband and the mom was listening. She then said out loud “SURE! Why don’t we let Janet make the turkey this year?”. The sisters giggled and looked at each other and I said “that’s a great idea!” I didn’t tell my boyfriend what happened.

“On Thanksgiving, we went to his mom’s house with the usual wine and dessert. She was shocked, everybody was shocked. I said “what? I thought Janet is bringing the turkey!”.

“There was yelling, crying and then we got kicked out. My boyfriend is so angry with me, he hasn’t talked to me since. I think it’s over, to be honest. But I still don’t think I did anything wrong!”

Now that is amazing. And after three years of calling her the wrong name, this nasty woman will forever remember her now!

“I think it drove the point home,” responded someone in the comments. “Your boyfriend should have been sticking up for you more but this was a good final fuck you.”

“I mean, they’re the ones who decided to get petty and call you by another name, sucks for them that it backfired,” added another.

“It’s ALL on your MIL. She’s the AH for getting your name wrong on purpose and who doesn’t confirm who is cooking the turkey?”

The woman came back to provide a little more of the family’s reaction to her arrival without a turkey:

“Everyone was mad at me except for my boyfriend’s father. He was laughing the whole time,” she replied. “If I wasn’t so terrified by their reaction I would’ve laughed too. The mom’s reaction was priceless. She was literally jumping in the kitchen yelling at them to get me out.”

Honestly, this doesn’t sound like a relationship that is destined to last too much longer. Not with a thirty-year-old man who can’t stand up to his mother in defence of his partner. Good riddance to the lot of them!


Source: Giphy and Reddit/AITA


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