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Man Has to Be Given a Science Lesson from His Mum After Accusing His Wife of Only Producing Girls

One husband is very unhappy after finding out that it is the sperm that determines the sex of a baby, as he was under the misguided notion that it was all his wife’s fault that they only have girls. I remember having a similar conversation with my father-in-law, himself a father of four boys, imany years ago in which I explained that whilst the female egg is an x chromosome, the sperm has both x and y chromosomes. So, if an X fertilises the egg, the fetus will be XX (female) and if a Y does, it’ll be XY (boy). Even presented with the scientific details in this way he shook his head, and refused to believe it was him that had influenced the gender of his children. I opted to let the issue lie, and put it down to an education system that didn’t teach such things back when he was a boy, but I suspect he may have googled it later. These days though, I assumed  most people learn all about it in sex education or biology class fairly early on.


Apparently not! After finding out their third child was going to be another little girl, the pregnant woman explains how her husband, bemoaning the fact that it isn’t a little boy, points the finger at her. His rational for this is that she comes from a family in which she only has sisters, which explains why she is only producing girl babies. When she tries to explain why this doesn’t make sense, he dismisses what she says and instead resolves to ask his mum who has a degree in bioilogy.

I 30 F have 2 daughters and am currently pregnant with my 3rd girl. We just found out this morning. On the drive to my husband’s mothers house he explained how he was a bit disappointed about having a girl. But then he said “I should’ve expected this because you have 3 sisters”

I explained that me having 3 sisters have nothing to do with the gender of our child. He said it’s genetics and that I’m the reason for our daughters. I told him that’s not how biology works, he said it is.

He then went on the explain that his mom only has brothers and his two oldest brothers both have two sons because his mom’s side. I told that doesn’t make any since because it should be the same for him then. He said no because both of their wives have more brothers than sisters.

He was getting frustrated but I was just laughing at him. I explained that him and his oldest two brothers have different dads, but out of his dad’s 8 kids, 3 are boys and 5 are girls. The men determines the gender.

He said that not true because the kids his dad had with his mom are all boys. He dropped it and said he’ll ask his mom who has a degree in biology.


So we get to his parents house for brunch and he asks his mom if I’m the reason we kept having girls. She told him bluntly that the men determines the gender and it’s actually not a 50/50 chance. She then went on to explain that the more of one gender you have, the higher the chances that your next child is also going to be that gender.

So he asked is it likely that he’ll have a boy. She told him that if he keeps trying it might happen. He just walked to the car and said he’s going for a drive. I received a text from him saying that I didn’t have to embarrass him like that. I was so confused. Aita?

Of course, the jokes came in thick and fast in the comments section.

Genetics are always a game of chance.

For example, a biologist can give birth to an idiot. (BroccoliFartFuhrer)

She straight up married henry the 8th here blaming his wife for not giving him a son. (Penelope-las-vegas)

I hope intelligence comes from Mom’s side! (FluerDeCLE)

Others were confused why he blamed his wife for embarrassing him when it was him who asked his mum, not her, thus highlighting his own ignorance.

I’d be pissed he didn’t believe it until his mother told him he was wrong. Being pissed at OP because he is a moron is even stupider. Sounds like he’s mad he can’t blame OP for them having a bunch of girls and is too much of a man baby to admit he was wrong. Being disappointed about not having a boy is natural, taking his disappointment out on his pregnant wife is wrong and totally unacceptable. (Creamofwheatski)

I personally enjoyed how he blamed OP for embarrassing him when he’s the one who asked his mom. OP tried to explain it to him, so he didn’t have to ask, but he refused facts. He embarrassed himself. (Trvllvr)


And then he’s like “WAH! I’M GONNA ASK MY MOMMY!” and when his mommy confirms he’s an ignorant moron, he leaves and blames the embarrassment of asking his mommy on his wife?

Sounds like OP already has a boy child. (aliengoddess)

But, as some people pointed out, he likely brought up the conversation again with his mum as he arrogantly thought that he was in the right, and he wanted to prove his wife wrong. So, in reality, he was actually trying to embarrass her, but it backfired!

The crazy shit is he could’ve just googled it and been quiet lol like the wife didn’t even bring it up to the mom. He was mad confident and decided to bring it up again after the car ride but somehow that’s still her fault? (Minimum_Job_6746)

Many people were horrified that he would be expressing his blatant preference for a son only hours after finding out they were expecting another girl, and already planning to try again in the hopes of getting a boy!

Your husband is the AH for blaming you for the gender of your kids regardless of biological facts. NTA. (calacmack)

He’s an asshole because his wife is currently pregnant and he’s already talking about the next one.  That poor girl, she’s not even there yet and already he’s writing her off.

 My aunt had 5 girls.  Fortunately, my uncle wasn’t an asshole and adored his girls. (MotherSupermarket532)

Have you ever met anybody who had similar outdated beliefs on how the sex of a baby is determined?

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